Philip McKernan – Discover Your Destiny

Philip McKernan returns to London Real!

00:00 Trailer.
01:30 Brian’s Introduction.
05:16 Stop making the journey all about you, get in touch with what your gift is, use it to benefit others.
07:10 Philip’s own continuing journey and vision.
08:50 We lie to ourselves.
11:53 Living life intuitively not intellectually led.
13:29 The Best Man’s speech, causing carnage by how and what he said.
20:03 Moving self-belief from the head to an inner feeling of self-worth.
22:53 Lack of self-value inhibits everything.
25:20 An identity crisis, it is who you are, not what you do. Suppression of identity within relationships.
28:51 You can be incredibly lonely within your own skin.
29:57 Saddest thing is people not seeing their greatness and even sadder, not wanting to see it.
30:34 Giving your last talk before you die.
35:14 Never undervalue your story. Your past has created the present which is creating the future.
36:43 Speaking without the constraints of a PowerPoint presentation.
37:15 Embrace and challenge your story. Question your assumptions and relationships.
40:40 Relationship counselling.
45:42 Let go of your partner and grow yourself.
47:58 If you think it’s your partner, it’s you, start valuing yourself.
49:49 Every single couple wants the same thing.
52:37 Philip’s relationship with Ireland
53:49 Philip McKernan comes out.
57:24 Philip’s charitable work and why and how he does it.
1:00:50 I am here for a short space of time, I am going to use my gift to impact on as many people as I can.
1:01:53 What do you do about the bully in the mirror?
1:06:53 Brian’s summing up.

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Wow! Someone finally said it, the bit about ‘broken homes’ and people loosing their identity in relationships. Brilliant. thanks for sharing.

Dominic Jones

Philip talks have a way of getting though our defenses in a good way.
Excellent as usual. Thank you.

Dominic Jones

Philip talks have away of getting though our defenses in a good way.
Excellent as usual. Thank you.

André Guérin

Monsieur McKernan is a great soul and very well connected to is higher power! hank you Monsieur Rose to invite this good spirit to your studio! Ireland it`s a magic place! Thank you! André!

Swithun Gibbs-kennet

I’ve just downloaded your app . It’s atrocious. The latest audio is 2015 !!?? The majority of people consume podcasts via audio download. I download alot of the popular podcasts and I only have a problem with this one . I love this podcast but am very frustrated


Hi Swithun, there’s no official London Real app that’s currently supported by us. If you have Android you can find all our episodes via the Stitcher app – they go live every Sunday at 12pm UK time. There’s also an mp3 download on the “More” tab of each episode above ^ – hope that helps!

Lazar Marian

Very nice video. The speech was exactly what i needed.

Gaynor London

Some great gems coming out of this talk. I like that BR got to ask Philip some questions as well. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Swithun Gibbs-kennet

Yet again I can’t download the audio !? Please sort this continuing problem out . I don’t have this problem with any other podcast ! Your audio tab takes me to a separate page where I have to press another tab that takes me to another page , where I can only listen to audio , not download !?

Louis Johnson

Have you got an iPhone? The whole thing is available to download on the Podcasts App on the London Real show page.

Swithun Gibbs-kennet

Hi . Thanks for reply . No , like most people in the world I don’t have an iPhone , I have an android (Samsung s5)

Matt Harwood

I was so thrilled to see this uploaded! That’s tonight’s early night out of the window 😉