Philip McKernan – Discover Your Destiny

Philip McKernan returns to London Real!

00:00 Trailer.
01:30 Brian’s Introduction.
05:16 Stop making the journey all about you, get in touch with what your gift is, use it to benefit others.
07:10 Philip’s own continuing journey and vision.
08:50 We lie to ourselves.
11:53 Living life intuitively not intellectually led.
13:29 The Best Man’s speech, causing carnage by how and what he said.
20:03 Moving self-belief from the head to an inner feeling of self-worth.
22:53 Lack of self-value inhibits everything.
25:20 An identity crisis, it is who you are, not what you do. Suppression of identity within relationships.
28:51 You can be incredibly lonely within your own skin.
29:57 Saddest thing is people not seeing their greatness and even sadder, not wanting to see it.
30:34 Giving your last talk before you die.
35:14 Never undervalue your story. Your past has created the present which is creating the future.
36:43 Speaking without the constraints of a PowerPoint presentation.
37:15 Embrace and challenge your story. Question your assumptions and relationships.
40:40 Relationship counselling.
45:42 Let go of your partner and grow yourself.
47:58 If you think it’s your partner, it’s you, start valuing yourself.
49:49 Every single couple wants the same thing.
52:37 Philip’s relationship with Ireland
53:49 Philip McKernan comes out.
57:24 Philip’s charitable work and why and how he does it.
1:00:50 I am here for a short space of time, I am going to use my gift to impact on as many people as I can.
1:01:53 What do you do about the bully in the mirror?
1:06:53 Brian’s summing up.