Philip McKernan – Create A Life That Means Something – Part 2

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Robert Kaltschmitt

Thank you for this amazing video!!

Jason Bushell

One of the best things I’ve ever seen. Completely.

Daphne Diluce

Philip McKernan is REAL! The way he gives insights to finding your emotions and getting honest with yourself is awsome!!!

Bart De Bruin

So many takeaways. Where to begin. Like Philip said in part one, I think the books are on hold for a while, I’m going to be returning to these two clips a lot.

I genuinely hope you lot get as much from this as I do.

Lucky Jide Salu

This to me was why I became a member of LRA. What a classic edition. Must watch every quarter. I have bookmarked. Thanks @londonrealtv. Can’t stopping thanking you.

Adam Marc Williams

His method is so insightful, even without being there in person I discovered some very profound insecurities watching this.

No idea what to do with them but just acknowledging they are there and journaling them feels like a positive step 🙂

ralph vettese

Great talk, very interesting and thought provoking.
Some very wise nuggets to take away.

Randall Harvey


Brunino Condello

And when he said
Who are you ? Batman ?
Top line there !!

Brunino Condello

This had made me reflect so much on how, emotionally, I just can’t get over so many past business failures and how I have felt inadequate about my self in the eyes of my peers and parents – and how I have this self imposed vision of what I want for my children –
Thank you !!!

Juris Baltacs

I hadn’t appreciated the value of vulnerability before the LRA and this episode made me value it even more.

Marie Lee

That was amazing – thank you

Luis Rivera, Jr.

Man this had me in the depths of myself and has me looking at everything with a new set of eyes. I’d say this is some of the most powerful content I’ve heard in a long time on self development. Thank you @londonrealtv

Louise Carrier

Totally agree Arwa this completely reduced me to tears! This is how life should be; how I want to communicate with people. Vulnerability x

Arwa Stone
Arwa Stone

It was very emotional sitting in front. I could feel his authenticity. When he talked about the masks and the lady who behaved a different way at home and at work, it reminded me of my own masks. It’s a work in progress. I used to have so many masks when I was growing up and I hated it. Eventually, I got p’d off with all these masks I used socially, and especially in front of fake people. Breaking through my own Batwoman, sometimes I feel a couple of these masks trying to slip up. I have to keep reminding… Read more »

Boris Verbrugge

It is interesting that I ask myself when watching this “What is your purpose?” or “What is it you want to do?” But somehow me trying answering those questions is not the answer. I think the answer is to stop using my brain as a computing tool to act upon goals created by my brain. I have to just do whatever I feel I want to do that comes naturally. I don’t have to think what it will bring. Because that is again using the “what if” with your brain-tool. I should use my whole being as a collaboration between… Read more »

Paul Doran

I thought Phil made some really great points. Particularly around how we tend to layer problems to protect an original injury. I once heard a great explanation that used the analogy of removing thorns.