Philip McKernan – Create A Life That Means Something – Part 1

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Mike McMaster

This is such an amazing video. Truly, truly inspirational.

Edvinas Urmonas

Really lovely, down to earth awesome guy, love his energy, hope to meet him in person one day.

Sean Konieczny

Wow….. that 1 hour mark really got powerful… Amazing

Jerry Gaura

Yes! Phillip confirms to me what true mastery looks like – when left with the choice he chooses to challenge, affirm, and communicate not from the top down, but as an equal with love respect and grace. He seems a good ambassador for the notion that true success is reflected more in balance than excess- and its the exercise of vulnerability in relationship that gets you there. Seems like a powerful launching pad for growth in all domains of life. Thank you for sharing his empowering message.

Piero Marotta

This put tears in my eyes.


Great talk. Definitely made me think more consciously of the things I’m reading and how to convert sheer information into wisdom and awareness. I feel as though in a world where we’re overloaded with information with things such as twitter and 10 second videos etc that it’s good to be reminded to take the time and really let things sink in on a deeper level…those ‘eureka’ moments. When Phillip mentioned the whole ‘it was my Dad talking’ story, although completely different circumstances, I became aware of certain things I say which are definitely patterned from my mother’s attitude towards me… Read more »

Tony "Jack the Bear" Mantz
Tony "Jack the Bear" Mantz

i too have a similar condition……..i have never read a book cover to cover in my life…….throw in some a.d.d & it makes an interesting mix lol!!!!……..but how can you not be inspired by this fella……..???


I like Philip before I started to watch these two part video’s and now to know he suffers from dyslexia gives me comfort.


Dang it’s good!

Dominic Jones

Deep in thought. Great presentation by Philip McKernan.
Resonates with my understandings of NLP. And Covey’s advice to build on character as opposed to personality. Thank you Brain and the LRA team 🙂

Peter Assentoft

Philip is amazing. Had the honour of seeing and meeting him here in Toronto yesterday and I was blow away with his presence, energy and laser like ability to look inside someones soul beneath all our masks and bullshit we tell our self. He is a very gifted man and a wonderful person. Love this episode.

Louise Carrier

I thought I’d listen to this while I was working – I stopped dead as soon as he started talking to the young gentleman in the audience doing the podcast… just incredible. Hope he does come back to London 🙂 Thanks so much for putting this up 🙂 x

Elliot Reeves

Philip sees things others don’t. Absolutely brilliant!

Luis Rivera, Jr.

Amazing content. This alone was worth the price of membership. Looking forward to part 2!

Marie-Judith Jean-Louis

This was great. Looking forward to part 2 and also seeing him in Toronto next week!

Rakesh Shah, MD

Thanks Philip. I am that guy who is fanatic about consuming the books, podcast, videos – anything that I can put my hand on- jumping one to another -without allowing the information to convert into awareness and ultimately into the action. Starting this video, I am making promise to my tribe that I will slow down, try to extract what speaks to my soul from each speaker and then create actionable awareness that will change my life – one action at a time . Thanks everyone at London Real for this really “life changing” episode.
Atlanta, GA

Martin Absalon

Yeah this was me too and it’s not serving me anymore. One can read, philosophise and meditate all he wants but change comes by doing the thing and taking action only. I have 4-5 books that have influenced me most I’m continuously study now.

Arwa Stone
Arwa Stone

I can’t believe it’s on. This is the coolest thing ever!

David Roman

I loved the story about the musician who thought his electronic music niche is too small to make a living off.. can relate to that