Paul McKenna – The Science Of Hypnosis

Paul McKenna, PhD., is an international best-selling author whose books have sold more than seven million copies and been translated into 32 languages. He is the number one hypnotherapist in the world, and is renowned for helping people treat the most difficult problems. Recognized by The Times of London as one of “the world’s most important modern self-help gurus,” Paul McKenna is the UK’s most successful non-fiction author. I Can Make You THIN is the best-selling self-help book in UK history. His other successful titles include Quit Smoking Today Without Gaining Weight, I Can Mend Your Broken Heart, I Can Make You Rich, and most recently, I Can Make You Happy, which reached number one in the UK.

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00:00 Trailer.

02:51 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

05:00 Brian’s introduction.

05:27 Brian has a confession to make.

07:35 What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

09:40 When you are working on a goal, the goal changes you.

10:17 Paul’s fascination with high achievers and what he learned from Simon Cowell and Anita Roddick

14:12 Using NLP and hypnosis techniques to re-programme ourselves;

16:58 How famous politicians and companies use the techniques on the general public.

17:57 We are born with only two fears, the others we learn and can be cured by hypnosis.

19:12 Using Havening Technique to treat PTS, panic attacks and nightmares.

21:44 Paul’s goal is to release as many people from their fears as possible and rationalise world event fears.

23:52 How he deals with his own fears and life challenges.

29:24 Paul gambled with his job in LA. and how his working and personal life since has evolved.

38:09 What Paul has learned from interviewing guests on his new Positivity Podcast.

43:28 What is it about Paul that attracts people to him and made him successful.

47:24 Harnessing power of collective consciousness to counteract fear based human aggression.

48:44 Success secrets.

49:26 Paul is always looking for the next challenge and is addicted to making a success of each one.

52:13 What Paul’s friends would say were his super powers.

57:25 Best and worst days of his life.

1:04:34 What scares him.

1:09:58 The people he finds most interesting.

1:11:07 He is drawn to Eastern ideology and spiritual practices.

1:18:18 What keeps him awake at night.

1:21:21 Paul’s view of Freud.

1:22:58 What he hopes his obituary will be.

1:24:19 What Paul thinks he will be doing in the next 20 years.

1:26:52 Paul is making a film about getting people to feel good.

1:30:51 Phone call to the 20 years old Paul McKenna

1:35:02 Best advice he ever received.

1:37:05 Advice to the 20 years old person watching.

1:38:21 Different types of Paul’s upcoming events.

1:43:37 Brian’s summing up.

Paul McKenna’s website

Paul McKenna on Facebook

Paul McKenna on Twitter

Paul McKenna on YouTube

Paul McKenna on Instagram

Paul McKenna’s Positivity Podcast

Paul McKenna’s Mind-Programming CD

Paul McKenna on Wikipedia



I Can Make You Thin: Love Food, Loose Weight

I Can Make You Rich

I Can Make You Happy

The Hypnotic Gastric Band

Control Stress: Stop Worrying and Feel Good Now

Instant Confidence

I Can Make You Sleep

I Can Mend Your Broken Heart

I Can Make You Smarter

Other Books by Paul McKenna

Topics discussed:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


Gestalt Psychology

The Havening Technique demonstrated by Paul McKenna

The Havening Technique demonstrated by Paul McKenna

Psychosensory Techniques

Mass meditations

Mass meditations

Factfulness by Bill Gates

The Shield


Coin flipping experiment

Radio Caroline




Artificial intelligence (AI)

Zen Buddhism

Science Delusion by Rupert Sheldrake


Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

People mentioned in this episode:

Richard Bandler

Simon Cowell

General Sir Graeme Lamb

Anita Roddick

John Grinder

Gregory Bateson

Milton Erickson

Virginia Satir

Fritz Perls

Bill Clinton

Hilary Clinton

Tony Blair

Barack Obama

Mark Twain

Dennis Merzel (Genpo Roshi)

Michael O’Neal

Dr Ronald Ruden

Tony Robbins

Gary Lineker

Warwick Davis

Paul Oakenfold

Rob Brydon

Led Zeppelin

The Who

The Beatles

Pink Floyd

Dean Radin

Martin Scorsese

Robbie Williams

Dan Brown

Richard Branson

Donald Trump

target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”Keith Richards

Roger Moore

Michael Caine

Richard Dawkins

Rupert Sheldrake 1

Rupert Sheldrake 2

Sigmund Freud

Viktor Frankl

David Geffen

Nicholas Hoult

Mahatma Ghandi

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Two down Both excellent value to watch and listen to so far, whose interview do I watch next?


I listened to Paul McKenna’s hypnosis, for many years, the same as Brian Rose!!! He helped me so much to overcome many problems and issues that I had! Paul McKenna is just Amazing as a person as well as the life coach! So nice to see that!! 🙂 Great interview!!!! Thank you London Real!!! 🙂


Excellente Interview.


Thank you!


Love this I am starting to build my own company and I have ADHD and are interested in everything he talks about, it would be my dream to meet Paul and Richard they are my information to do this to help as many people as I can and developed my self in the process.thank you for this I feel so inspired to push forward and keep.writing my courses and live my truth


What a brilliant man. Thankyou Paul McKenna and Thankyou London Real for making the best interviews happen. Love.


Absolutely brilliant. Uplifting,refreshing and shows how we can all help each other to raise human consciousness. I’m going to join the religion of “being kind”. Thank you both 🙏


You, the man behind adjusting camera focus, you did a really good job, I think this was the hardest one :p keep up team (y)


Amazing. Love Paul McKenna.


Using hypnosis you can ask person about his/her previous lives (upto 2-3 previous lives), which proves that only body dies, but spirit goes to other body.
As well, hypnotized person knows future, but is extremely dangerous to ask, don’t even try.


Fabulous interview with Paul McKenna. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done.


Amazing interview! One of my favourites alongside with Gregg Branden & Lipton. Letting these words sink on my subconscious mind


Amazing interview! One of my favourites alongside with Gregg Branden & Lipton. Letting this words sink on my subconscious mind