Oren Klaff – Pitch Anything

Oren Klaff can teach you how to Pitch Anything, but first you have to get to know your inner crocodile.

According to Oren we all have a “crocodile brain” that evaluates anything new based on three questions.  “Do I kill it, do I eat it, or do I fuck it?”  If you can’t get your pitch past this decision gatekeeper then good luck closing the deal.

We’ve all been in that pitch meeting where you see eyes glaze over as people start to think about much more important things like football, Facebook, and flirting.  You might be giving them the most beautifully logical reasons why they need you, but without the sex appeal you’re dead in the water.

And this is where Oren Klaff can lend a hand.  After raising over $400 million himself in investment banking he knows exactly how to structure that pitch meeting down to the last detail to guarantee you the best chance of success.  Are you the prize?  Is your time limited?  Does the customer have to convince you to do business with them?  Even you seasoned veterans can learn something here.

Enjoy the wisdom of Oren Klaff and use his tips in your next big pitch for the job or the girl.  I’m proud to put this episode in the London Real business archive next to Ryan Holiday, Tim Ferriss, Dan Peña, Jim Rogers and Peter Schiff.