Nigel Benn – The Dark Destroyer

Nigel Benn is a British former professional boxer who competed from 1987 to 1996. Nicknamed “The Dark Destroyer” for his formidable punching power and aggressive fighting style, Benn won the WBO middleweight title in 1990; the WBC super-middleweight title in 1992; and the Commonwealth middleweight title in 1988.


00:00 Trailer.
02:50 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
06:45 Brian’s Introduction.
08:03 Boxing in its heyday.
09:29 Barry McGuigan says Nigel’s a fighter not a boxer.
11:04 Kickboxing prior to boxing.
11:52 Weigh in tactic.
14:52 The state of boxing today.
15:43 The beginning of Nigel’s boxing career and how he’s still looking good.
18:35 Nigel’s fears for his professional boxer son Conor.
23:29 Nigel speaks frankly about drugs, partying and the death of his brother.
28:51 The National Front and racism scene in 1980s London,
33:34 How Chris Eubank winds up Nigel.
38:06 What the Army taught Nigel.
40:04 Training, fighting, partying, womanising and being in a dark place.
52:10 Losing the Ben Watson fight.
58:57 Building up stamina in Miami.
1:06:03 Winning first WBO belt against Doug DeWitt.
1:08:50 Fight against Iran Barkley.
1:11:19 Returning to England to fight Chris Eubank with no game plan.
1:16:24 Dealing with losing the fight.
1:17:03 Winning the WBO Super Middleweight Title.
1:18:56 Financial confidence and a savvy investor wife.
1:20:49 The rematch with Chris Eubank.
1:24:59 Likelihood of another Benn v Eubank fight.
1:28:48 What Nigel thinks of Chris Eubank jnr.
1:31:36 How Nigel’s life has completely changed.
1:35:35 Nigel responds to Eubanks question for him.
1:38:53 Looking back on the Gerald McClellan fight and the aftermath.
1:48:25 Traumatic meeting with Gerald McClellan after 10 years.
1:53:54 How Nigel reacted to the aftermath of the Eubank v Michael Watson fight.
1:56:04 Does seeing the injury to Michael Watson put Nigel off fighting again?
1:57:34 Nigel’s life spirals out of control and he confesses to his wife.
2:12:39 Nigel in tears.
2:17:46 Living a changed life in Australia.
2:23:27 No comparison to his life now with former boxing life.
2:28:54 How Nigel views his future.
2:31:24 What Nigel believes that other people believe is crazy.
2:37:05 Now He’s behind him it is so powerful.
2:38:19 Phone call to the 20 year old Nigel.
2:42:03 Best advice ever received.
2:42:52 Advice to the 20 year old who wants to become a boxer
2:44:15 Brian’s summing up.

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Great interview. The real Benn coming out here.


Always loved Nigel Benn, what a great guy. so open, honest and passionate. True Legend, great interview.



Jenny Mayola



VIdeo keeps blacking out, very annoying!!


interviewer is a fucking joke

Dominic Jones

Emotional interview. Thank you 🙂


Oh God that was so good.
I was expecting just a ordinary 20 mins half hour boxer interview but instead I got my heart messed with in a enlightening way.
I will say God bless you Nigel but it goes without saying the Lord is in you.
Brian you are awesome mate.Thank you.


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Excellent, just excellent. Great work both Brian and Nigel.

Yesterday I was watching your great program on the Greek guy involved with the Crypto Currencies and was searching for part two when I was seemingly directed here. I must say that I am now a subscriber in that I have watched nothing much more real and impressive to me as being a real human truth … an honest and humble truth, with “Him” at the pinnacle of it. I say this because about 25 years ago I too “spoke with …” , I was in my early 50’s then, had lived a life with having received most of what… Read more »
Superb interview touching sad at times my brother has just passed away from cancer very similar but different to Nigel’s story,racism is the shame on britain hopefully will die with the last generation,sorry nigel.i see you nigel as a great sports hero people need sport and discipline to keep some balance and direction away from a society of drugs alcohol violence,such memories of you and Chris awesome entertainment and great inspiration sport is so important to a strong character and society.train your self and others in yoga training produces althletic alphawaves know by athletes who break world records yoga creates… Read more »

Best 3 hours in a while

Jochem Westerhof

Great interview !

Steven Spencer



I feel closer to god. Thank you nige

Oretta Norris

My favouite interview. Well done Brian.

Andy De Wulf

Fantastic interview another great guest, thank you Brian.


Love you Nigel great guy


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Nigel Benn was my childhood hero, makes me want to prey again, legend.