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Morning Power Walk Challenge

Jamie Alderton swears by his morning Power Walks, take the Morning Power Walk Challenge and see if you can do it every day for 7 days. Post daily photos from your walks and any feedback in the comment section below.

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Going to start this challenge tomorrow morning.

David English

Great idea here, I’ve got the alarm set for tomorrow! Accompanied by an audiobook copy of the new Sam Harris title, Waking Up.

will warburton

Started this challenge today!.. great way to start my day

Zach Falconer-Barfield

Challenge Accepted – Was up and at ’em – wanted to add a photo but not sure how to do it here!


I started my power walk challenge this morning!! feeling awesome.

I really encourage everyone to give a try. Tomorrow I repeated listening an audiobook “pitch anything” by Oren Klaff. Looking forward to it!!!

Jamie Taylor

Raining this morning, still walked at 6am, though. I’m wondering if Jamie Alderton keeps this routine up through Winter?


Do morning runs count for this challenge?

Jamie Taylor

Done. Problems: Must set out clothes the night before, time wasted trying to find a top. Also time wasted trying to convince the dog to get out of bed and come with me, will leave her be tomorrow, and set the alarm earlier too. Found a quiet place by the beach to sit and think for 10mins, and tons of hills on the way back. Perfect.

Jamie Taylor

Right, alarm set, first one is tomorrow. Love this idea! Gonna add a little park bench 5mins meditation also.