Monique Lester – Naked Soul Artist

The fabulous Monique Lester, Director of London Digital PR, joins us to discuss her thoughts on using social media as a marketing tool, how she loves to paint naked people, why she is Jewish with a tattoo and proud of it, how feminism needs balance with traditional male/female relationships, and why in her 40s she is excited to get her first university degree in psychology.

“If you were sitting with someone having a conversation and you tried to sell them every two sentences they would walk away.” – Brian (06:18)

“There must be tons of people in your field who don’t know what they’re doing but are taking tons of money…” – Brian (09:41)

“You have to be aware that anything you put online is going to stay online.” – Monique (10:12)

“It was all about the size of the girls boobs in the office” – Monique (17:50)

“I paint naked people” – Monique (16:44)

“I have no time for ignorance.” – Monique (44:43)

“Can those two not co-exist?” – Brian (47:36)

“I like men that are men.” – Monique (47:56)

“Men and women are not equal because equal means the same.” – Nic (49:02)

“I want my kids to be happy and fulfilled.” – Monique (52:26)

“What they’re really selling is our personal information…” – Brian (23:01)

“Everyone has an opinion on everything and if you listen to them you’ll never get anything done.” – Nic (25:12)

“For me it’s ‘Keep calm and eat chocolate'” – Monique (39:44)

compiled by @zander-bylund.

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