Mike Moghaddas – Exile to Entrepreneur

On this week’s show we host our mutual friend Mike Moghaddas. Mike has led a diverse and interesting life. Originally from Iran, he was smuggled out of the country to Sweden at age 12. He became a top martial artist (judo, shorinji-kenpo and kendo), the youngest founding member of SonyEricsson and now lives in London where he has his own business consultancy. Mike shares with us several stories from his wide-ranging, exciting and often difficult life experiences.

“The revolution was not an Islamic one” – Mike (03:20)

They were hitting girls with AK-47’s…” – Mike (14:05)

The average Londoner is CCTV’d 400 times per day” – Nic (15:00)

“The US accelerated the development of an atomic bomb..” – Brian (28:02)

“I believe in chaos. Everything in nature goes towards entropy…” Mike (28:38)

“What the Japanese did to the west in the 1980’s the chinese with do a thousand times more” – Mike (32:05)

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