Mike Dolce – Live Your Brand

Mike Dolce is one of the world’s top weight management coaches, known for training the best fighters in the world of professional mixed martial arts.

Mike has been the man behind the likes of Ronda Rousey, Thiago Alves and Carlos Condit, earning a reputation as “the go to guy in the world of mixed martial arts”.

Combining his experience in over 20 years of working with the world’s top athletes, Mike created 3 Weeks To Shredded to share his proven body-transforming diet and training methods for optimum weight loss and athletic performance.

It was great to have Mike back in studio (if you missed our first conversation you can find it here) – let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below!

Success Secrets

00:00 Trailer.
01:40 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
07:39 Brian’s Introduction.
08:12 Effect on Mike Dolce of the birth of a daughter.
11:30 What makes Mike Dolce the best at what he does?
13:41 Team Quest, Portland, Oregon, Health and Strength Coach.
18:34 How the Dolce Diet came into being and what validates it.
21:20 Mike Dolce is no overnight success.
23:12 Dropping a 6 figure sum to follow his dreams.
25:16 BroScience.
33:53 Weight cutting, the calibre of a MMA fighter.
39.00 Thiago Alvez. We don’t allow variables.
42:59 Conor McGregor – case study.
47:57 Many fighters ill advised.
53:51 Ronda Rousey, Mike’s journey with her.
1:07:19 The business of the UFC.
1:13:08 Performance enhancing drugs.
1:23:04 Narcolepsy drugs.
1:25:03 Intravenous solution ban.
1:31:22 No pills, no powders, no potions – The Dolce Diet.
1:42:14 Exercise.
1:45:57 Mike’s body weight cycle.
1:50:10 3 R system in developing the Dolce Diet business leading to another 3 Rs.
2:06:44 Success attracts detractors.
2:11:12 Mike Dolce the man – never satisfied. What drives him?
2:19:46 Is this a healthy way for Mike to live and does it affect family life?
2:22:35 How does Mike judge his success?
2:25:34 Success secrets.
2:26:17 Future of the Dolce Diet.
2:30:03 We are all connected.
2:32:37 Phone call to the 20 year old Mike Dolce.
2:34:41 Best advice ever received.
2:34:52 To the 20 year old who wants to emulate Mike Dolce.
2:26:30 Simon Sinek and Jocko Willink.
2:38:57 Brian’s summing up.