Michael “Venom” Page – Knockout Artist: The Evolution of An MMA Fighter

Michael ‘Venom’ Page is the British professional MMA fighter, entrepreneur, and flagship star of Bellator.

He is known for an array of highlight-reel knockouts his unorthodox ‘hands down’ fighting style, due to his background as a karate “point fighter”.

Inside the cage, Michael Page is a natural showman, known for taunting opponents, walk-away knockouts, in-fight selfies, and post-fight Pokemon ball-rolls.

He recently defeated Richard Kiley by flying knee knockout and is next scheduled to fight Giovanni Melillo at Wembley Arena here in London.

00:00 Trailer.

02:42 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

03:47 Brian’s introduction.

04:32 Michael talks through his first fight loss and what it meant to him.

15:48 Relaxed, having fun, mentally agile and aware of what is going on around him in a fight.

20:19 The face off battle.

27:25 Michael praises the attitude of the Irish fans and wishes all fans would behave similarly.

31:22 Michael’s view of the UFC introduction of the Interim Belt.

33:45 Michael praises founders of London Shootfighters, Alexis Demetriades and Paul Ivens

44:22 The fear of participating in an MMA fight and the mental effect of money on a fighter.

51:00 Memorable night when Michael won the Santos fight and rolled a Pokemon ball,

1:00:07 Learning how badly his Evangelista Santos was injured.

1:03:30 Michael and social media negativity.

1:12:44 Prospect of fighting with Nate Diaz and Jorg Masvidal.

1:19:11 The Conor McGregor phenomena.

1:23:18 Keeping away from bad influencers.

1:28:05 Gaining inspiration and support from 50 Cent, Shaquille O’Neil and Chris Pratt.

1:33:57 Michael continues to train hard and fight on despite of, or because of, the hurt in his life.

1:55:15 Michael likes Bellator but thinks they could do more and the need for fighters to be better paid.

2:08:18 Drugs and the sport, is USADA making a difference?

2:11:07 What Michael does daily non-fighting related.

2:15:06 Michael’s superpower.

2:19:18 Best and worst days of his life.

2:20:55 What scares him.

2:21:57 What we would be surprised to know about Michael Page.

2:24:05 What keeps him awake at night.

2:26:41 Success secrets.

2:27:14 Possible future fights for Michael, when one millimetre can make a difference, but he’s confident.

2:35:35 Brian’s summing up.