Michael Bisping – UFC Hall Of Fame

Michael Bisping is the English mixed martial artist, commentator, actor, author, and former UFC world champion.
He became the first British fighter to win a UFC title, and over a 15-year career was twice crowned MMA International Fighter of the Year. In July 2019 he was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Today he commentates on ESPN, hosts the popular podcast Believe You Me, and his new book, Quitters Never Win, tells his of a boy from a small town in Lancashire becoming the UFC world champion.

00:00 Trailer.

02:33 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

03:21 Brian’s introduction.

03:56 Feels at ease in England.

04:42 The early days of MMA fighting in the UK in 2002.

06:29 Always enjoyed fighting and sparring.

07:38 He’s never been afraid to fight another man.

09:37 Advice to young people who want to get into sport of fighting.

12:07 His first big break in Las Vegas.

14:44 Fitness training is serious.

15:46 Dana White always allowed him to be himself.

17:04 Trash talking.

19:45 Why Michael is strongly against steroid use.

21:38 Loss of memory after being knocked out.

22:48 Beating Luke Rockhold, to win the belt and become world champion.

26:32 Trash talking to George St-Pierre.

28:00 What it was like to retire.

30:34 What Michael is doing now.

31:35 Success secrets.

32:10 Brian’s summing up.


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Brilliant, Love the guy, honest, straight shooter and a mean enemy!! Thank you Brian Rose!!!


Amazing success story! Love watching Londonreal!!