Max Chilton – Success Secrets

For a young man with the world at his feet, Max is incredibly grounded. We talk a lot about staying true to yourself in this section, and Max is convinced this makes a huge difference when it comes to creating your own success.

In this clip we talk about:

  • Why we shouldn’t try to become anyone else
  • How all you can do is try to improve on being YOU
  • The importance of doing everything to your best ability
  • Why contented people are successful
  • How there’s more to life than your job
  • What Max admires about golfer Rory McIlroy
  • Why we should make the most of ourselves
  • The importance of keeping grounded and true to your inner child
  • Why Tiger Woods fell from grace
  • Why family and friends help you keep it real
  • How the best we can do is work on ourselves
  • How social media and jet lag can affect your sleep
  • Why adrenaline is the best drug in the world

Max says having friends and family in his life keeps him grounded and real. I want to know who you have in YOUR life to keep you real. Is it an old friend, a sibling, or a mentor? How do they keep your feet on the ground?

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