Mark Wright – The Apprentice

Mark Wright is an entrepreneur and businessman who won the 2014 series of The Apprentice UK.

Mark used the investment money he won from the show to start Climb Online, an agency that uses digital marketing to help small businesses grow.

This week we’re giving away a copy of Lord Alan Sugar’s autobiography to the best comment on this episode! To win, just let us know in the comments below what insight and takeaways you gleamed from watching Mark’s episode.

Success Secrets

00:00 Trailer.
01:16 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
07:31 Brian’s Introduction.
08:14 The Apprentice TV programme.
10:43 Confident of being a winner from the start.
12:05 A 14 week poker game.
14.36 What Lord Sugar looks for in a candidate?
16:06 The product or the candidate?
17:34 The worth of a mentor.
19:27 What it is like to be mentored by Lord Sugar.
21:16 Setting up a business as an Apprentice.
27:42 Business tipping point.
30:09 What makes Lord Sugar a good leader?
32:06 Other The Apprentice candidates.
37:05 A cold hearted, calculating, snake.
38:22 How much longer with The Apprentice programme run?
39:54 Digital Marketing, a fast moving business.
42:16 Facebook, biggest disaster waiting to happen.
44:27 Twitter.
45:46 Periscope.
47:44 Instagram.
49:22 YouTube.
50:56 360 degree virtual reality video YouTube.
53:21 Mark’s business over next two years.
53:59 Company culture creates the business.
55:05 Biggest mistakes a new entrepreneurs make.
57:29 Why should anyone listen to Mark about digital marketing?
58:58 Decision to leave his native Australia.
59:50 Finding the right mentor.
1:01:03 What Mark brings to the role of a mentee.
1:03:32 How much money is enough?
1:04:14 Dating another Apprentice winner.
1:06:00 Great entrepreneurs – made or born?
1:06:45 Do the knock downs make you a better business person?
1:08:12 The value of public speaking and making himself improve at doing it.
1:12:56 Success secrets.
1:13:39 Mark’s thoughts on Donald Trump.
1:18:35 What Mark is grateful for.
1:19:11 Mark’s advice to his 20 year old self.
1:20:13 Best advice Mark ever received.
1:22:54 Advice to the 20 year old who wants to become successful like him.