Mark Wright – The Apprentice

Mark Wright is an entrepreneur and businessman who won the 2014 series of The Apprentice UK.

Mark used the investment money he won from the show to start Climb Online, an agency that uses digital marketing to help small businesses grow.

This week we’re giving away a copy of Lord Alan Sugar’s autobiography to the best comment on this episode! To win, just let us know in the comments below what insight and takeaways you gleamed from watching Mark’s episode.

00:00 Trailer.
01:16 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
07:31 Brian’s Introduction.
08:14 The Apprentice TV programme.
10:43 Confident of being a winner from the start.
12:05 A 14 week poker game.
14.36 What Lord Sugar looks for in a candidate?
16:06 The product or the candidate?
17:34 The worth of a mentor.
19:27 What it is like to be mentored by Lord Sugar.
21:16 Setting up a business as an Apprentice.
27:42 Business tipping point.
30:09 What makes Lord Sugar a good leader?
32:06 Other The Apprentice candidates.
37:05 A cold hearted, calculating, snake.
38:22 How much longer with The Apprentice programme run?
39:54 Digital Marketing, a fast moving business.
42:16 Facebook, biggest disaster waiting to happen.
44:27 Twitter.
45:46 Periscope.
47:44 Instagram.
49:22 YouTube.
50:56 360 degree virtual reality video YouTube.
53:21 Mark’s business over next two years.
53:59 Company culture creates the business.
55:05 Biggest mistakes a new entrepreneurs make.
57:29 Why should anyone listen to Mark about digital marketing?
58:58 Decision to leave his native Australia.
59:50 Finding the right mentor.
1:01:03 What Mark brings to the role of a mentee.
1:03:32 How much money is enough?
1:04:14 Dating another Apprentice winner.
1:06:00 Great entrepreneurs – made or born?
1:06:45 Do the knock downs make you a better business person?
1:08:12 The value of public speaking and making himself improve at doing it.
1:12:56 Success secrets.
1:13:39 Mark’s thoughts on Donald Trump.
1:18:35 What Mark is grateful for.
1:19:11 Mark’s advice to his 20 year old self.
1:20:13 Best advice Mark ever received.
1:22:54 Advice to the 20 year old who wants to become successful like him.

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Dominic Jones

Another great interview.
I especially enjoyed the NLP modeling of winners.
Thank you 🙂

Aude Debenest
Aude Debenest

Re-watching this as I am about to take the big leap witht the Business Accelerator, very inspiring as he touches on the importance of hard work, social media platforms and public speaking.

Riaan Zoetmulder

Hey Brian et al. Thanks for another great interview!

Wiktor Kulik
Wiktor Kulik

I met Mark a few times in the mornings on the streets of South Woodford (which BTW is the last stop in London and not Essex actually). I was going for an early run, he was already on his way to work. Both building the best version of ourselves.
The thing that resonated with me was (sorry @londonrealtv) -build businesses for fun, invest in property! Lord Sugar can’t be that wrong after all.
I will get that book signed the next time I see Mark 😉

Peter Lehman

What a great talk. Having never viewed the show, Apprentice UK. My quick take away from this talk. 1. Work harder then everyone else. 2. Some things cannot be bought. 3. The power of having a mentor 4. Use modeling of winners 5. Watch how people react at all times 6. Invest in the person more so the business plan 7. You become a reflection of the 5 people you spend the most time with 8. Money without training is useless 9. A simple “Good job !” is priceless Summary Find people who have achieved what you want to do,… Read more »

Aleesha Nicole
Aleesha Nicole

The two statements that jumped out most for me:

“Money without training is useless. Training to create money is the key.” This reminds me that this journey is about me building my own rather than being a cog in someone else’s business and the work that it will require.

“Fame is the mask that will eat your face.” Never forget my why.

Dima Jadaan
Dima Jadaan

I have to say, I didn’t like Mark Wright during the apprentice, mainly due to his coldness and winning strategy. I didn’t want him to win. But, this interview has changed my view of him. He is very intelligent, full of inspiration, and has such a logical way of thinking. I actually agree with him on many points he raised, particularly those about Facebook. I expect he’ll do very well in his future business ventures and this is just the beginning for him.

Jason Holmes

This is brilliant. I go to bed early most evenings, to ensure I am fully rested for the following day’s challenges. The fact Mark did this throughout the apprentice already makes me feel I am doing the right thing. Setting myself up to win.