Marianne Williamson – Success Secrets

Marianne is not just a spiritual thinker, she is a philosopher of our times, and I count her as a huge inspiration for me.

Quite honestly, her views on success are profound.

In this section Marianne talks about:

  • The secrets behind her meditation routine
  • How A Course In Miracles affects her daily routine
  • Why it is important to discipline the mind
  • Why we must avoid going straight on the web in the morning
  • Doing your morning practice FIRST THING is a game changer
  • Why we must treat our mental attitude like a muscle
  • How the culture of bombardment leads to depression
  • Why we MUST practice what we preach
  • How people can smell incongruence from afar
  • How to align with the higher plan for your life
  • Why her biggest success is as a mother
  • How your relationships with others determine your success
  • The great civil rights leaders inspired her work

The amount of wisdom Marianne packs into her responses is incredible.

She talks a lot here about daily routines and meditation. How do you keep your spiritual muscle optimised?

Leave me a comment below, and let me know how you plan to take your daily practice to the next level in 2016.

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Grant Headley

Brian and LondonReal folks,
Every week we get a story of what people we might look to as an example do on a daily basis to do what drives them. This interview I get from Marianne how practicing on our individual selves is a prerequisite to starting the day and going out and consuming from others and effecting other people around us. We have a responsibility to take care of ourselves and listen to what drives us before we get taken off track and perpetuate confusion in people around us.
Thanks for another great episode,