Master Mantak Chia – Sexual Healing

Mantak Chia is a Taoist Master. He is best known for his teaching Taoist practices under the names of Healing Tao, Tao Yoga, Universal Healing Tao System and Chi Kung. Throughout decades of teaching, he has run numerous workshops, written a series of books, and published a number of training videos. For this reason, some people call him an author, a teacher or a healer. He views himself primarily as a teacher, who helps his students empower themselves through cultivation of their chi.


00:00 Trailer.
02:00 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
04:50 Brian’s introduction.
05:28 World-wide teaching.
07:14 Growing up in Thailand and starting to teach in New York.
10:09 What Chi is and why you need Qigong.
12:59 The abdominal area is where you can store energy.
14.56 How our second brain affects the brain in our head.
21:02 Scientists increasingly believe in the concept of energy.
22:09 Taking care of the five major organs.
23:38 When you’ve put the organ in the right place then there are the five elements.
25:31 Simple exercises for creating fluid and energy flow.
44:23 Using your inner smile to arrive at arousal.
59:53 Whole key around sexual energy is arousal.
1:04:37 To be a great lover you have to practice on your penis and ladies practice for gate one.
1:18:36 Learn how to work with the lady, through gates one to three.
1:25:51 Lady’s exercise for gate three.
1:31:46 Love and compassion has to go together with arousal and orgasm.
1:33:01 Length of time it takes to learn these techniques.
1:36:49 Mantak’s new book EMDR and the Universal Healing Tao.
1:37:33 Where Mantak discovered all these techniques.
1:38:14 You have to put the work in to feel the benefits.
1:40:23 A non-stop world-wide teaching lifestyle.
1:42:31 Success secrets.
1:43:22 How technological progress is affecting people.
1:45:27 Progressing from the popular practice of meditation.
1:48:24 What keeps Master Chia awake at night?
1:51:17 Phone call to the 20 year Mantak Chia.
1:52:44 Best advice Mantak ever received.
1:57:01 Advice to the 20 year old watching who wants to grow up doing great things.
1:58:13 Brian’s summing up.

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Very interesting. But I would love to learn how to open microscopic orbit in detail. If you could manage to invite a teacher to LondonReal who concentrates more on this aspect of Nei Kung it would be excellent.


Read the book The multiorgasmic man


Thank you for sharing this informing. It’ amazing. I wish I had found your site sooner. Maybe you can help me. I have a very odd problem. When I have an erection a lot of blood rushes to my right foot. For this reason, I am never able to get a real firm erection. Is there any thing I can do to cure this problem. Thank you again


Hey London Realers I just wanted to tell you that your work is amazing. Brian, Sir I am so inspired after watching you and Mr Dan Pena that I cannot even express it. I am also really happy that I’ve found you so early in my life (I’m 20 now). The amount of value that you bring for free is magnificent. Thank you, Sir!

Dimi Gkoutzidis
man,u have him there and didnt talk about the most important thing – DMT??!!!! all this energy rubbing ur stomach,breathing etc etc is all good,but all this is just the base for the final goal of leaving ur body! specially since u took DMT/AYAUASCA urself and u didnt ask him about how 2 naturally produce endogenous DMT??!! he has written a whole book about how u can do it,naturally produce DMT and leave ur body,even goes into biochemical details how its exactly produced tryptophan > serotonin > melatonin ? 5meo DMT > DMT…. he teaches it through darkroom retreats but… Read more »

On Youtube you say “WATCH THE FULL EPISODE FOR FREE” so I joined your website. Now you say “these success secrets are only available on London Real Academy.” I feel duped. I understand the business model but I think the messaging is misleading.


u have the episode for free you dont need to sign up for anything or pay for anything


In Mandarin Chinese if you want to say “bad attitude” you say “huài píqì” (坏脾气) it literally means bad-spleen-gas. There are many saying like this that link the organs to emotions. Very interesting.


Simply my favorite theme: energy and chi. Couldn’t like more haha! Very good! Just adding, Mantak says about Dao, in which, it is in chinese. In Japan Dao is known by Hara, the region of the belly, stomach and all organs of the lower core. There, about, 2 fingers below the navel is located the kikai (the ocean of ki, chi, energy), all martial arts works that region in order to improve balance and chi control.


So amazing stuff. Thanks for uploading such a benificial video. I would want to find if Master Chia explained the egg exercise for women somewhere else. Can you share it please, Maria.


Look into the yoni egg which serves the same function for women.

Luke Kyriacou

Very interesting! Also, in Japanese ‘to get angry/furious’ is 腹が立つ hara ga tatsu which means “The stomach stands up/rises” – That is where it is felt!


Thank you for your insight, Luke. ?


Your video player is making this experience horrible for me. I try to fast forward and it will play for a few minutes and stop. I’ve tried two different browsers and nothing has changed. Is there anyway I can download this or see the full video on YouTube?


Apologies for the inconvenience.
You can try to pause the video first and watch it later to avoid buffering issues.
Give it enough time so the video can play smoothly.
If it is more than just a buffering issue please send us a screenshot so we can see and check your issue.
Our full episodes are available only in our website. ?


I had the same issue for a few days.Change the video quality and it runs smooth. Also you can speed up the video to cut down the time. 1.25x speed saves 30 minutes of your life you can use to practice spreading more “LOVE, JOY, HAPPY”.


Hi billionaire3424442,
Thank you for sharing those tips. ?


This was awesome and I need this in my life to learn how to control the energy inside me. Thank you for this episode and thanks to Master Mantak Chia for his wonderful teachings.


Our pleasure, Elisur! ?


Hi Can someone guide me on how to view the MANTAK CHIA – SEXUAL HEALING – Part 2/2. as i do not see a link to this.



Hi Casey, what you are viewing is the full episode of Master Mantak Chia – Sexual Healing.
It is composed of part 1 and part 2.
We hope you enjoyed watching it! ?


Thank you for this wonderful video, answered a few questions that i have had over the years…
You mentioned that there were actual exercises that Master showed… which we also saw at the beginning of the video, how do we have access to it…


Hi, you can check out Master Mantak Chia’s books listed here under Show Notes tab.


hi Maria, what’s the name of the intro SONG pleaseee


Hi Arsenio,
The title is Fog by DjSandhu ?


This was an awesome interview. I have been aware of Master Mantak for a while. I saw his book on Amazon and put them on my wishlist. Than I saw him on Facebook and doing face back lives. I was already a follower of Tao. He has deepen my understanding and learning. Again great interview.


Thank you, Shenice! We are glad you liked the episode.

Christopher J A E

Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

The inner smile alone can change the energy of a moment and regain composure – shift momentum to a higher consciousness.
Huge value

Being a happy, healthy, balanced sex magician – Infinite potential value to one who practices the ways and his mate.

Very grateful for this interview.

Marek Král

This one was the awesomesauce episode! I thank you very much to both of you.

Btw, Brian, can you share the name of the song that plays from the very beginning? I thank you once again.

72dubie .

It’s interesting how Brian questioned him on weather this is true or not when western mainstream religion and science teaches us absolutely nothing about sex other than it’s evil (as in the case of religion) or purely the function of the organs (as in the case of science)


I have been following Master Chia for almost 20 years through his books and social media channels.
But only after this conversation I reached a better understanding on overall Taoist approach.
I think you catched a very good spirit together.
Very informative and genuine conversation ?
Many thanks!

Lisa May

I believe that this is the best learning interview you’ve posted, Brian. So nice to have both men and women addressed.


It’s so staggering…he is saying everything that is said in Bioenergetics lol!


Like what? If you don’t mind specifying.