Mantak Chia Sexual Energy

Master Chia has over 50 years experience in his field and has educated tens of thousands of students in Taoist practices, whether in his facility in Thailand or in the seminars he has held in virtually every country on earth.

People seek him out to revolutionise their lives and even when he has done so they keep coming back for more.

This time Master Chia started by giving me a personal and in-depth Chinese astrology reading to assess the state of my life, health and relationships.

This included insights into my future health and success, into my elemental breakdown and even my relationship with my mom!

He followed up by showing me how to develop and maintain vital organ health and extend using the ancient methods of self-massage.

This is something Master Chia touched on during his last visit and this time he went even deeper, explaining and demonstrating how I could keep my vital organs in the best possible shape.

Finally he explained some of the most important concepts of sexual pleasure according to the Taoist method.

This included profound insights into the right number of ejaculations and the wonders of prostate massage!

00:00 Trailer.
3:03 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
04:45 Brian acknowledges power of sexual energy and organ massage advice but is star sign sceptical.
13:01 Brian’s astrological reading and how water, wood, fire, earth and metal elements should feed each other.
22:50 Exercises to equalise these element energies so they do not destroy each other but be in harmony.
39:27 Exercises beneficial to individual organs and using power of connected planet to strengthen organs.
46:54 More people realising they need to help to heal themselves rather than relying only on an expert.
53:10 Make love but don’t ejaculate drawing that sexual energy up into your body.
56:06 Number of ejaculations man should have at different ages.
59:47 Multi-orgasms, train and recognise the million-dollar point.
1:11:26 How to do the power lock to find the prostate gland, then contract and bring orgasm up to your brain 6 times.
1:15:19 Brian proved practice makes perfect to achieve multi orgasms.
1:17:51 Brian’s thanks to Master Mantak for his teaching which he originally disbelieved, but now knows works.
1:18:33 Research which suggests reducing ejaculation may lead to longer life.
1:20:43 When taking the orgasmic energy to the organs, do not initially take it to the heart.
1:21:37 Brian concludes.

Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy
Healing Love Through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy
Awaken Healing Energy Through Tao
The Multi orgasmic Man: The Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know

Mantak Chia website
Healing Tao
Mantak Chia on YouTube
Manrak Chia on Facebook
Mantak Chia on Wikipedia

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Chinese astrology


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how can i find english caption of this video


Wow, I learned how to do have multiple orgasms when I was like 17 (24 now) from reading that book, I was pleasantly shocked when u mentioned that he wrote it


Loved this video, very informative. I already knew a few things about sexual energy and the orgasm, but this brought more light to me. Thank you so much LondonReal for doing this amazing work brining out all of this knowledge.


Being a numerologist I can vouch for the power of some of this. 7th dynamic motivation which is a spiritual motivation. People don’t always understand until they have traumatic event in life, then it opens up. Being a way wood Taoist i’ve spend many meditations developing my organs through chi energy


The talk on sexual energy was indeed useful a knowlege every men should be aware of.Thankyu mantak chia and London real


23:37 the symbols create David Stars or the ancient story about symbol man and women, UP triangle and DOWN triangle. both are Yin and Yang. that really make senses for me why should five element. the story is all the same all over the world. or maybe because he talking about the real truth that somehow linked to conspiracy theory why this knowledge been keep up forever from public. thanks to China Mainland for consistency keeping they culture from west invasion.


I wish he could have talked more about transferring negative energy into the earth to be composted and brought back as fuller energy. Awesome content nonetheless, smile at your organs, massage them, and send orgasm into the organs and brain so cells can split in a happy environment. Got it.


Very good knowledge given by mantak chia. It is also in India like 5 elements water, earth, fire, sky, air. Like chinese astrology indian astrology also supported by Jupiter etc. Planets in the sky. Thank you very much Brian for this episode.


Very interesting time to do more research


I’ve come to view Chinese medicine as poetic metaphors for science. Chia himself integrates some of this, & I appreciate the more physical aspects of his work. The astrology pieces deviate from this & make me a bit weary.




Anyone know what website/software they are using to find the readings?