Magnus Walker – Urban Outlaw

00:00 Trailer.
01:46 Brian and Magnus meet up again at Lexigon Porche garage.
03:01 Magnus’ 40 year love affair with Porche cars.
04:35 The continuing soul, character and shape of the iconic 1964 911 Porche.
06:28 What Magnus meant by Porche passion in Urban Outlaw documentary.
08:45 Porche community diverse but united in its passion.
10:17 Keeping his passion as a hobby rather than a business, following his dream.
12:02 Why he defines himself as the Urban Outlaw and what influences the design of his cars.
14:29 How Magnus’ childhood in Sheffield shaped the path he has taken in life.
16:47 Re-living super car memories.
24:04 Magnus took his aggressive street driving to the track and is looking forward to Le Mans 2017.
31:29 Sixties cars representative of that adventurous era,
32:57 America enabled Magnus’ to achieve in diverse spheres and his life continues to evolve.
37:12 1973 RS Carrera, its modifications and the future for Porche cars.
44:43 The 277 hot rod car.
51:39 Why Magnus wrote his book which reflects on his life’s journey and realising his dream.
58:24 Inspiration from design, fashion and music on his car designs.
1:06:16 Well over £1,000,000 Porche 993 GT2 is essentially a turbo on steroids.
1:10:06 The next chapter in Magnus’ life, making his own decisions, unafraid to do it his way.
1:13:51 Freedom is being able to do whatever you want to do.
1:17:56 The loss of his partner Karen to whom his book is dedicated.
1:20:27 Magnus sees travel to new inspiring locations as the next part of his journey.
1:21:23 Brian’s summing up.

Magnus Walker links:
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Magnus Walker’s Book:
Urban Outlaw: Dirt Don’t Slow You Down

Topics discussed:
Hexagon Classics
Le Mans (film)
Streetable 962 in Japan
Need for Speed (video game)
Forza Motorsport (video game)
Gran Turismo (video game)
Champion Motorsport
The Collection
Ford GT40
Pomona Swap Meet
Angeles Crest Highway
Mooneyes USA
Ace Café
Goodwood Festival of Speed
J Barbour and Sons

People mentioned in this episode:
Carroll Shelby
Ed Roth
John Watson
Jackie Stewart

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Dominic Jones

Interesting interview. Thank you 🙂


Bruce Lipton , thank you for your amazing insight into genetics and extrodinarylife-changing impact on my view of life.


I really enjoyed this inspiring episode. I follow Magnus for a while, he really is a great personality.


Love this episode, Magnus is a real guy.


the last 3 minutes were my favourite


I’m only 41 minutes in and I’m gripped already. The interviewing remains to be awesome as are the guests. I think Magnus is a unique and fantastic person to listen to and watch ?


Brilliant interview Brian, what a talented, passionate, unique guy Magnus is! So sad to hear that he lost his soulmate. Wish him well on the next chapter of his life.