Louis Cole – Fun For Louis

Louis Cole is a British film-maker and YouTube personality who travels the world making videos of his experiences, and has acquired millions of fans in the process.

6:50 Brian’s Introduction.
07:38 What Louis Cole has realised from travelling the world and seeing other communities.
09:50 Have we become too individual?
13:58 An unconventional lifestyle.
17:04 A slight obsession with buses.
21:45 The Secret – talking of something somehow makes it happen.
22:50 Where does Louis strong sense of community come from?
26:10 Why travel so much?
30:06 The challenges of constant travel.
32:35 Biggest memories of 2015-2016.
37:54 An alien has landed – explain YouTube! How it has changed Louis life?
51:58 What commitment to a daily vlog means.
57:05 How YouTube has changed over the last three years – is there now a negative element?
1:02:10 Funding of opportunities made possible through YouTube, making Louis question his motives and finding new purposes for the next part of his journey.
1:05:22 Building an eco-community in the trees.
1:10:56 How do you make a great vlog?
1:13:07 Issues around daily blogging for friends.
1:14:52 Thoughts on Casey Neistat
1:20:10 Taking time to step back to review why and putting it into perspective.
1:25:12 What are your thoughts on your carbon footprint?
1:27:17 Veganism, will Louis stick with it?
1:30:09 Religion and how it influences Louis.
1:34:05 Success secrets.
1:34:56 Call to the 20 year old Louis.
1:37:11 Best advice ever received.
1:39:37 Advice to the 20 year old who wants to get on YouTube and start vlogging.

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Dominic Jones

This was a slow starter for me, but really warmed up into an interesting interview. Thank you for sharing 🙂

Ghada Elmahdy
Ghada Elmahdy

kinda wish he had done this interview after all the north Korea vlogs drama to hear more about his prospective

Thomas Ackerman
Thomas Ackerman

Thank you for making this interview, and free and accessible

Melisa Quinn
Melisa Quinn

I really really enjoyed this interview. I could relate to many of the things that Louis talked about.

Marie-Judith Jean-Louis
Marie-Judith Jean-Louis

Finally took some time to watch this. I love how he questions belief systems in order to essentially find his truth. And it’s great to see what is possible if you focus on what you want and are not afraid to just go for it.

I also made this while listening to it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oajuiHV2BjU @londonrealtv , is this something you could make use of. I’m thinking about creating more of these in the future.

Matt Wilmot
Matt Wilmot

Great interview. One thing that re-occurs in all these interviews is selfishness. And I don’t mean that in a horrible way at all. In order to achieve things you need to have the right people around you and not be too attached to any one else that will negatively impact your mission or goal. Louis 100%, would not have been able to do what he has done if he had a girlfriend/partner, or especially one that was bought up in an “Everyday world”, where they need the traditional house, the car, the day job, and the lack of willingness to… Read more »


Louis videos are very good, the Solvey Project is interesting, good to know people cares about what the present has to offer to the future 🙂

Péter Vaszilykó

So awesome, thank you Brian for the opportunity to hear him!

Renata Koba
Renata Koba


Sebastiaan Kerckhof
Sebastiaan Kerckhof

I really love seeing Louis like this! Such an open mind.
He is a total inspiration to me 🙂