Louis Cole – Fun For Louis

Louis Cole is a British film-maker and YouTube personality who travels the world making videos of his experiences, and has acquired millions of fans in the process.

Success Secrets

6:50 Brian’s Introduction.
07:38 What Louis Cole has realised from travelling the world and seeing other communities.
09:50 Have we become too individual?
13:58 An unconventional lifestyle.
17:04 A slight obsession with buses.
21:45 The Secret – talking of something somehow makes it happen.
22:50 Where does Louis strong sense of community come from?
26:10 Why travel so much?
30:06 The challenges of constant travel.
32:35 Biggest memories of 2015-2016.
37:54 An alien has landed – explain YouTube! How it has changed Louis life?
51:58 What commitment to a daily vlog means.
57:05 How YouTube has changed over the last three years – is there now a negative element?
1:02:10 Funding of opportunities made possible through YouTube, making Louis question his motives and finding new purposes for the next part of his journey.
1:05:22 Building an eco-community in the trees.
1:10:56 How do you make a great vlog?
1:13:07 Issues around daily blogging for friends.
1:14:52 Thoughts on Casey Neistat
1:20:10 Taking time to step back to review why and putting it into perspective.
1:25:12 What are your thoughts on your carbon footprint?
1:27:17 Veganism, will Louis stick with it?
1:30:09 Religion and how it influences Louis.
1:34:05 Success secrets.
1:34:56 Call to the 20 year old Louis.
1:37:11 Best advice ever received.
1:39:37 Advice to the 20 year old who wants to get on YouTube and start vlogging.