Liv Boeree – Success Secrets

If you want to know how to take command of your mind and emotions under pressure, Liv’s advice is the best place to start!


In this section you’ll discover how:

  • She used a hypnotist to up her mental game
  • The process matters more than the results
  • Breaking tasks down means results take care of themselves
  • We should always remain present
  • She reframes her mind after a loss
  • She controls her emotions
  • Eckhart Tolle’s The New Earth was a game-changing book for her
  • She admires Elon Musk and why
  • Slow burning tasks keep her up at night
  • Stand-up comedy is a big part of her future

A big part of Liv’s success is how she breaks her tasks down and remains present. I want to know, is there any task in your life now that feels overwhelming? How would you break it down? How can you reframe it so the process becomes more important than the results?

Leave me a comment – I look forward to your take on this!

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John Robinson
On separation from emotions: Two step process: (requires practice) Recognize, acknowledge and ACCEPT that the mind has emotional reactions at the limbic – level. This is more than likely a flight or fight response. By the time the emotion is activated, your conscious mind is the last to know. You cant stop it. Just accept this. But what you can control is your response to it. Allow this reptilian part of your brain to have its childish fit… take this piss out of it “Thanks mind for another friggin fit!!” Then, acknowledge the thought; for example “I am having the… Read more »
good show, How can you reframe it (task) so the process becomes more important than the results? Flow, you’re looking at the wrong metric with the word goal, or results, when you want to dwell on process, and that’s where I agree with Liv, process is what matters. When Brian (deviously) asked about goals, she deviated, a bit thrown off, but she kept with it, so you can see she hasn’t gone through complete failure. When you go through failure, what matters is connection, engagement, and flow, goal and result, is irrelevant or unattainable, or futile, in addition to annoying… Read more »