Kevin Kelly – The Inevitable

Kevin Kelly is the founding executive editor of Wired magazine, and a former editor/publisher of the Whole Earth Review. He has also been a writer, photographer, conservationist, and student of Asian and digital culture.

To win a copy of Kevin’s new book, The Inevitable, just share your favourite quote from the episode on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram along with the hashtag #LondonReal

00:00 Trailer.
01:48 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
04:32 Brian’s Introduction.
05:00 Kevin’s image of London and how he sees the city as an incredible VR experience.
09:21 Why people are increasingly migrating into cities.
12:31 The evolution of Wired magazine.
18:56 Kevin’s perspective on California and Silicon Valley and why it happened there.
22:58 Changes in student job opportunities over the decades and the work that attracts millennials.
24:56 Making a living versus making a fortune.
27:54 The burden of a billionaire.
30:06 Kevin thinks greatness is over-rated.
32:11 How Jeff Bazos manages his emails.
33:45 Kevin’s ‘1000 True Fans’ article and how it applies to London Real.
41:35 Memories of Wired, a magazine that felt it had got mailed back from the future.
48:50 The genesis of Kevin’s new book The Inevitable.
53:15 AI is as fundamental as the invention of printing.
56:46 VR will offer experiences rather than knowledge.
1:05:18 Teaching AIs ethics.
1:06:41 Optimists decide and form our future.
1:10:04 In the future every aspect of our lives will be tracked.
1:14:32 What Kevin saw in 1970s Asia to make him realise that progress is good.
1:22:16 Recollections of Terence McKenna.
1:23:54 Trying psychedelics at 50.
1:26:16 A concept and a gift Kevin wants to pass on to his children.
1:29:31 What he means by ”the common wealth”
1:31:24 A look into a future influenced by AIs and genetic engineering.
1:35:14 Human evolution is now going faster, posing many questions for us to consider.
1:40:00 Success secrets.
1:47:24 Kevin’s interpretation of God whom he believes exists.
1:50:34 Not everyone agrees with Kevin on this suspicion.
1:52:04 The challenge of engaging people in abstract ideas using modern communication.
1:58:09 The successful person who has changed America’s culture without making enemies.
2:03:00 Phone call to the 20 year old Kevin.
2:06:23 Best advice Kevin has ever received.
2:08:25 Advice to the 20 year old who will live in the future world he predicts.
2:13:11 Brian’s summing up.

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Thank you Brian Rose! Great interview and great site. I think that Kevin do not included in his system idea of “one hit wonder”. Not so many people may keep creativity whole life, like Kelly.


Got a feeling the interview would be great if the server actually delivered it. Shame it hasn’t been put on YouTube where you can actually watch it


[…] Kevin Kelly – The Inevitable […]


Watch the movie Strange days. Is
what is talking about.

Frank Gojcaj

“Optimists decide the future” favorite quote #LondonReal

Dominic Jones

Interesting interview. Thank you 🙂


Can we have a sneek peek Kaz Aston – Thriving with Multiple Sclerosis

Simon Cernelc

Great show, probably my favourite! Great questions, great answers! This interview delivers great insight and inspiration to everybody interested in a creative work!

John Baker

Kevin Kelly is my new hero. Though I did buy and listen to “The Inevitable” (on Audible, natch) before I saw this interview, it was great to hear such an optimistic view of the future straight from the man himself. I’ve incorporated the art of collaboration in my art as Kevin described it and the results have been nothing but positive. Looking forward to seeing your transition from the page to the screen, Kevin!

Adal Paredes

Awesome episode, thank you for sharing

Kat ST

great guest!

John Robinson

[0:10:00] I love the passion when you talk about London. And cities. Ever played Cities skylines? It’s a city-simulator. Although its “just” a game, it made me appreciate cities so much more. Its not just what you see; but there is so much more. Take for example the planning of housing. There are many different road layouts optimised for dwelling area vs recreation area vs the required tarmac to join it up. This has an impact on traffic flow. Which layout do you pick? Square Grids (New York) Oblong Grids,Fragmented Parallel, Warped Parallel, Loops, Lollipops, Cul-de-sacs? Each has a different… Read more »

Gabriel González

How can I play Cities skylines?

John Robinson

Readily available in all good computer games shops! Amazon/Steam Workshop – direct d/l. Its addictive! Whats also great is the community support – many community add ons change the experience, like designer buildings, transport hubs, weather, different roads and – well – its almost endless! Lots of vidz on YT about this…Also, when playing the game you have to balance tax to raise revenues, to spend on healthcare and infrastructure, but not enough and citizens get mad a leave or get ill and then you go bankrupt. It gives quite a good insight into all the various aspects of “planning”… Read more »

Mo Yang

Thank you. Love it.

Gabriel González

Where can I download the dubstep music at 3:40 min from?

Luis Solarat

Hi Gabriel. The music from this episode is from ZaZen. One of our collaborator artists. He is in soundcloud and bandcamp where you can download all his tunes.

He put a lot of tracks in Ido Moving Conversation too!

Glad you enjoyed

Gabriel González

Thanks Luis. I could not find the one in the video. If anyone knows the name please post it thanks.

Audun Gulliksen

Yes, I agree Martin. That is powerful stuff. A question holds the potential of something creative, new, moving – while the answer is static – already made like a program or ideology. Check out this powerful documentary to deepen into the “rawness” of the question 😉

Martin Casado

So good!! That last minute about Humans asking the Questions, the right questions? That’s the answers right there.

Audun Gulliksen

I think we will be a lot more intuitive and creative – which will also make us more “telephatic” and in touch with our “Quantum Mechanic” abilities, rather than relying primairily on external technology. This will improve the way we interact with people, plants, animals – the intelligence of all living things will be more readily available. This would be the REAL experiences – rather than artificial technology. Artificial Intelligence would then be more related to repetetive work as Kelly suggest. At least this is what I choose, and I think that is a very important part, what we choose… Read more »

Stevie JT

Loved this! Completely up my street. Just ordered Kevin’s book. I’m doing AI blog part 3 today (looking at legal tech now deployed) and have referenced Kevin and your interview on LR. Love the 1000 people idea – Daniel Priestley says similar. Great encouragement to people to deal direct with their customers – keeps you honest. What Kevin says about writing and learning is spot on – I’m doing the same on AI, learning and then reporting on it. It’s challenging but great fun.

Gail Taylor

This is a great interview on how Kelly thinks, investigates, takes action. It is a great interview… About the Inevitable yes, but you can get that from his book. This interview offers greater context and content about the underpinnings for coming to knowing Kelly and his offerings.