Kevin Green – Success Secrets

Kevin Green has tried and tested so many methods of achieving success. He knows the game well. He’s gone from sleeping rough to being one of Britain’s wealthiest businessmen, and he did all on his own.

In this section you’ll hear him tell me:

  • Finding time for yourself – 30 hours minimum!
  • His children come first
  • Focus on yourself before the business
  • His alone time is his most productive time
  • Self-awareness is the key to success
  • He never wants to to retire
  • His children have followed in his footsteps
  • He wants to fall in love in 2016!
  • His goal is to not owe anything on his properties
  • The speaking and training is a big part of his focus
  • He is still seeking to grow his businesses
  • We must have a REASON to live
  • We should always be growing
  • He makes a point of rewarding himself
  • We should never buy luxuries on credit
  • His thoughts on Mother Teresa
  • Giving helps you to make money
  • What he would say to himself aged 20

Leave me a comment and let me know what you can do to create time for yourself during the day and love yourself.

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Great stuff!

Aziza Browne

Love the bit about him taking “me time”

Dominic Jones

Excellent interview. Thank you 🙂