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Ken Livingstone – Mayor of London

Ken Livingstone is an English politician who served as the Leader of the Greater London Council from 1981 until the council was abolished in 1986, and as Mayor of London from the creation of the office in 2000 until 2008.

Success Secrets

00:00 Trailer.
01:58 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:17 Brian’s Introduction.
05:48 Ken’s journey into politics.
11:14 Notoriety after appointment as leader of the GLC in 1980s.
14:57 If Thatcher and Reagan had studied history, we would never have had the banking crisis.
16:38 Cyclical demonization of immigrants.
17:31 For what Ken respected Margaret Thatcher.
19:00 New Labour and Tony Blair.
20:59 A Mayor for London.
23:38 Reason he had to leave the Labour Party to be a mayoral candidate.
26:14 Accomplishments over two terms as Mayor of London.
27:58 The biggest single factor for a country’s success.
30:27 Good public transport and fibre optic system for all.
31:54 Olympics regeneration legacy even better than Ken hoped.
32:32 What haunts him from his time as Mayor.
33:54 What Boris Johnson wanted to know over dinner with Ken.
35:59 Boris Johnson & Michael Gove political agenda opposites.
38:28 “Politics is show business for ugly people”, does Ken agree?
40:05 Boris Johnson’s part in the Brexit campaign.
41:30 The growing power of the military industrial complex.
43:31 The UK will be sucked into the American orbit on a grand scale.
46:11 Brexit, Ken’s thoughts on why Britain voted out, the implications and his proposal.
48:14 Governments have got to start listening.
50:15 Where Britain will be in two years’ time.
53:38 “I’m always going to state what I believe to be true, otherwise why would I be in politics.”
59:36 Will the Labour Party split over Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership?
1:02:30 Most dramatic period in British politics in his lifetime.
1:03:23 David Cameron the most dishonest Prime Minister in his lifetime.
1:04:31 Politics like ‘House of Cards’.
1:06:20 The possibility of the UK becoming the 51st State.
1:07:20 Donald Trump an unknown quantity.
1:10:31 London as an independent city state.
1:12:41 Prospect for new London Mayor Sadiq Khaan.
1:13:40 Ken Livingstone, a polarising figure.
1:15:25 Rupert Murdoch is the most damaging immigrant that has ever come to this country.
1:19:51The influences on today’s economy.
1:22:10 Does Ken enjoy media attention?
1:23:59 Influence of the bankers and will they leave Britain?
1:25:13 Does he feel the media was so biased towards the Remain camp?
1:26:15 Because of Corbyn’s euro-sceptic views will he be the best person to negotiate on behalf of the ordinary people?
1:27:13 In another 5 years what will the Tory and Labour parties look like?
1:27:57 What will Ken Livingstone be like in 5 years.
1:28:28 Success Secrets.
1:29:11 Advice to the 20 year old Ken Livingstone.
1:29:30 His career regret.
1:29:47 Best advice ever received.
1:31:15 Advice to the 20 year old who contemplates going into politics.
1:31:59 Brian’s summing up.
1:33:24 Ken’s come close to being murdered once or twice.

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Topics discussed:
1973 Oil Crisis
History of UK Socialist Movement
Greater London Council (GLC)
Daily Mail
The Telegraph
Any Questions BBC radio programme
UK General Election 1983
The 12 Caesars
Great Depression
Financial Crisis of 2007-08
Glass Steagall Act
New Labour
The Shard
London & Partners
London Congestion Charge
London Overground
Cable Car across the River Thames
ArcelorMittal Orbit
Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States
The Trident nuclear programme
Hinkley Nuclear Power Station
Vietnam War
The Fog of War
The Labour Party’s National Executive Committee
Shami Chakrabarti Report
London Zoo
Social Democratic Party
House of Cards (UK)
House of Cards (US)
Tea Party Movement
Republican Party (United States)
Guido Fawkes website

People mentioned in this episode:
Margaret Thatcher
Boris Johnson
Rupert Murdoch
Jeremy Corbyn
Tony Blair
John F Kennedy
Harold Wilson
Dusty Springfield
Tony Benn
Arthur Scargill
Mark Twain
Ronald Reagan
Bill Clinton
David Mellor
Saddam Hussein
Neil Kinnock
John Smith
Barack Obama
Gordon Brown
Donald Trump
Max Keiser
Peter Mandelson
Alastair Campbell
Sadiq Khan
Zac Goldsmith
Michael Gove
George Galloway
Ho Chi Mihn
Dwight D Eisenhower
Nigel Farage
Ed Miliband
David Cameron
Harold Macmillan
George Osborne
Edward Heath
Patrice Lumumba
Hillary Clinton
Bernie Sanders
Zoltan Istvan
John Mann