Julian Treasure – Success Secrets

Julian has got a lot of people thinking. We take seriously our diets and visual stimulation, but a lot of us neglect the auditory aspect of our lives.

In this segment Julian talks about:

  • The importance of waking up early
  • Why he takes his coffee VERY seriously
  • The necessity of having a good team around you
  • Why you need to recruit people better than you
  • Why it’s essential to know your limitations
  • How his positive outlook helps his work
  • Why you must learn from everyone you meet
  • How Steve Jobs axed his company from Apple (but he admires him anyway!)
  • Why Brian Eno is Julian’s idea of success
  • The importance of family
  • How hardships have helped him get where he is today
  • Why YOU should do a TED Talk

So much here to sink your teeth into! I love Julian’s take on hiring people better than you to allow you to play to your strengths.
I want to know which area of your business or personal life you are limited in and who you think you can get on board to help you. Let me know in the comments below.

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Gustaf Halldin

Brian Eno is great – I agree! Check out the albums Music for Airports and Thursday afternoon. It´s the ultimate meditation music I think.