Jordan Peterson – 12 Rules For Life – How To Find An Antidote For Chaos

Jordan B. Peterson is an Canadian clinical psychologist, cultural critic, and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.

His book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, provides practical principles for how to live a meaningful life: from setting your house in order before criticising others, to comparing yourself to who you were yesterday, not someone else today.

The NY Times recently called him “The most influential public intellectual in the Western world right now.”

00:00 Trailer.
04:02 Brian’s thoughts about the episode.
06:48 Brian’s introduction.
07:26 A two-hour conversation on stage at the London 02 Arena is part of the modern technological revolution.
13:20 Jordan debated religion with atheist Sam Harris: He considers atheism as a non-motivating ethos.
16:14 In the fundamental Bible stories, there is an astounding depth of meaning.
21;30 Gordon denounces a feminist argument, as he describes a symbolic pattern of fathers across time.
26:16 Why he thinks the West has gone too far in its level of self-critique.
29:29 The evolution as well as reasons for hierarchies in the world and their effect.
33:38 Warning the Left when they go too far in claims of the unjust consequence of the hierarchies.
34:14 For Jordan, the 2016 Canadian C16 Bill is an example of the Left going too far.
40:01 Meteoric rise to fame of Jordan, from fighting C16 to recently writing the best-selling book in the whole world.
47:00 Jordan’s opinion as to why he is so vilified and misrepresented.
50:37 Why mainstream media interviews are the most stressful thing he has to do.
53:34 Why the chapter “Why do meaningful things” in “12 Rules For Life” is so essential to the way we live.
1:00:25 Realizing the capability for malevolence in all of us.
1:04:09 With so many looking to him for the lessons in the book, does he feel like a preacher?
1:09:02 Jordan is very cautious about the use of psychedelics.
1:13:10 Where does Jordan think he will be in 5 years. Can he keep up with his current pace of life?
1:16:55 What Jordan Peterson does in his spare time.
1:18:02 What scares him.
1:20:44 What keeps him awake at night.
1:21:50 The power of interest in the long-form content.
1:22:54 Success Secrets.
1:23:46 Advice to the 20-year old people who are watching this video and wondering what to do with their life.
1:25:36 Brian is summing up.

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Free Speech

Dr. Jordan Peterson one of the greatest minds in the world today! He is a mentor, and has inspired in so many ways to fix my life. I was blessed to be in his class on the psychological significance of the biblical stories.


When I hear Jordan’s voice jitter a little and see his eyes getting slightly wet I always get a tremendous feeling of awe and hope in my stomach. The weight of his thoughts and the clarity of his expression vibrates into my head and I get motivated once again to get my act together and take life seriously. Wonderful interview. Thanks.

Enrico Dell'olio

Great talk, a meaningless life is not worth to be lived. Thanks to Jordan for his books and talks


Be honest Jordan you don’t have a problem with the words you have a problem with the (“substandard”) idea

Nigel Hughes

His intelligence is off the chart


This guy’s brain is amazing!


Hey what does Jordan has to say to his 20 year old self, London real should have shown that.


He seems some issues and i love people who think of things. But he is into bible stories so on to much.


Wow … this is another totally amazing and engaging interview Brian … and Jordan Peterson, what an incredibly intelligent and articulate thought leader!! You did a really great job just listening and letting him speak when he was on a roll … it’s so good and so dense with concepts I think I’m going to have to watch it again! 🙂


what’s this 10 line story he is talking about at minute 16:38? i would like to read it…


Thanks for recognizing the opportunity and making this happen <3