Jordan Harbinger – How To Master The Art Of Networking

Jordan Harbinger is an award-winning broadcaster, entrepreneur and networking expert.

In 2006 he launched the ‘The Art of Charm’ podcast after leaving his career as a Wall Street lawyer. The show quickly became a pioneer in the space and regularly topped the iTunes charts for 12 years.

His new venture, ‘The Jordan Harbinger Show’, distills untapped wisdom from the world’s top performers, and has been an instant success, with over 4 million downloads a month, and was named by Apple as one of the Best Podcasts of 2018.

He is also one of the top experts in the art of networking, with FORBES magazine naming him one of the 50 best relationship builders on the planet.

00:00 Trailer.

03:14 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

05:28 Brian’s introduction.

06:08 Brian and Jordan look back to their early podcasting days and how their shows have developed.

09:48 How their podcasts differ from the majority of podcasts and have lasted so many years.

11:25 The changing use of technology in podcasting.

13:27 Good advice from Jordan who describes how so many people stay in jobs they hate but he escaped his.

22:05 Insightful views on quality and value of interviewees learned from many years of interviewing.

32:40 Why “Follow your dreams” is terrible advice.

37:39 The burgeoning growth of the influencers and the people who get caught by what they purport.

41:35 Jordan’s inspiring advice for the young person wanting to be like him or Neil deGrasse Tyson.

48:46 How Jordan learnt what networking is and connected him with intelligence services.

57:43 How he teaches relationship building.

1:11:03 What one gains by having a large network of contacts.

1:14:52 Difficulties in transitioning from The Art of Charm podcast to building his own Jordan Harbinger Show.

1:25:35 Jordan’s future plans, both business and personal.

1:28:18 Darren’s top three guests on his show and why.

1:37:41 Other leaders in the podcasting space.

1:43:20 Why the long form podcast interview is suddenly attractive to agents in literary, film,  television industry.

1:46:18 Jordan’s thoughts on Tim Ferris and the world of long form podcasts.

1:49:00 Jordan’s daily practice.

1:53:17 What is Jordan’s super power besides his networking.

1:54:57 The best and worst days of his life.

1:56:57 What scares him.

2:00:35 What we would be surprised to learn about Jordan.

2:01:25 What keeps him awake at night.

2:02:48 Jordan regards the need to be happy in what you do, the same as he does’ follow your dreams’ mantra.

2:06:37 Success secrets.

2:07:33 Phone call to the 20 years old Jordan Harbinger.

2:08:40 Best advice he ever received.

2:10:51 Advice to the 20-year olds listening now.

2:14:04 Brian’s summing up.

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Londonreal team and Jordan you have just made sense of networking. I have a question, previously I had reached out to my contacts for network marketing businesses and I am not sure how to breach correct and rebuild the trust and relationship, that has probably been harmed by that. Is there any advice that you can give on how to deal with the question of what are you selling cause you tried to sell me something previously?


Really enjoyed this, thanks.


really excellent shit ! get him smoking the toad though ! 😀


Oh my my…this was just simply a master piece any eye opener that was so so needed!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!


Networking is a tremendous profit.


This is one interesting episode and now ready for some more. Thank you.


This was really good, thanks Brian!


Networking is the best way forward! I am excited to learn once again! Thank you for sharing.

Steve Zalunardo

I Love this ! Great eposisode !