Johnny B.A.N.G. Reilly – Carved In Mayhem

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Johnny B.A.N.G. Reilly, is a voice over artist, and co founder of OSU:

“After years of being asked to write letters and poems to express peoples feelings to their friends and loved ones, and talking on peoples behalf, to collect debts, and reunite people, and even convincing a desperate homeless girl to keep her baby, who is a healthy loved family member today, I drifted into the world of collecting words to affect feelings, provoke thought, and instigate discussion.”

00:00 Trailer.
02:32 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:45 Brian’s Introduction.
06:22 Abandoned, beaten up, at two weeks old.
09:52 Returned to live with his abuser until thrown out at twelve.
16:35 Life in Children’s Home and on the streets of Hastings.
19:57 Dancing into his teenage years, but on the streets of London at sixteen.
22:42 Stress of the abused child and how Johnny is willing to help those he meets.
27:16 Street fighting and getting stabbed three times.
35:10 Johnny suddenly realises how to deal with the anger inside him.
45:04 In gaol, starting to write poetry, touching people emotionally.
47:28 Voice over for ‘Dear Brother’ mock Johnny Walker advert.
51;55 What Johnny means by “reverence” and how he lives with it every day.
56:55 People need to realise when you disturb a child like this it is a life sentence for them.
59:51 Movingly Johnny tells what art he is enjoying doing most now.
1:04:53 The influence for Johnny’s artistry.
1:08:40 Johnny’s view of Conor McGregor.
1:13:45 To be a fighter you get to beat people up, but it’s really about taking punishment.
1:16:42 Bare knuckle fighting, developing technique.
1:22:31 Johnny’s approach to making his short films.
1:26:08 How he is dealing with his sudden popularity.
1:27:02 Taking ideas from Ido Portal.
1:28:14 Why he left London for the countryside of Holland.
1:32:01 Giving up is the worst disease to happen to a human being.
1:36:02 The Cannes award winning ‘Carved in Mayhem’ film.
1:37:30 What influenced Johnny’s choice of tattoos.
1:41:15 Did Johnny ever forgive his Mother?
1:45:32 What Johnny would love to do in the next five years.
1:50:10 Techniques, substances and dietary considerations necessary for good health.
1:58:25 Besides his family, what Johnny enjoys emotionally.
1:59:25 What America should do about its poor and the crime in areas of its big cities.
2:04:15 Who Johnny thinks of as successful
2:04:55 Success secrets.
2:05:40 What keeps Johnny awake at night.
2:10:54 Has Johnny changed his mind on anything recently?
2:14:11 Phone call to the 20 year old Johnny.
2:16:51 Best advice ever received.
2:23:23 To the 20 year old watching who was a kid like him.
2:25:00 Brian’s summing up.

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Amazing interview. Allowing Johnny to express himself at his own pace made it engaging and his story is sad yet uplifting and inspiring at the same time. I didn’t know who he was until now. I didn’t know what to expect, but was compelled to write a review of how touching the story about his survival is and how great this interview was. I’m now researching more of his stuff on YouTube. A+++

Denise Gansmann

He has a film put called shape now. Johnny bang reilly 2018

Dominic Jones

Wow! A serious conversation. Thank you 🙂


Great soul. Never heard of the man before but his quality shines through all of the pain he suffered from people consumed by ignorance. Can relate to much that was said, very inspiring. Found peace in the dhamma truth and understanding of experience and the self. Much peace, love and happiness.


wow. The final words are in a way “finally profound” .. I learned a great deal tonight.

quintin beukes1

Well done on finding your serentity, inner peace and wellbeing bro. I am definitely going to remember your words and story when I need to pick and move another step forward on my personal journey to peace and wellbeing.

Alex Lapideus

Very interesting interview…you are really the sum of all your experiences!


“I’ve gotta make it up on the back end.” ~Regarding taking advantage of a better life. Agreed – whew~


I love the line about muggin’ a bumble bee. Now that’s nutrition dedication. Good intel on how he became “stuck” in a good life to survive. I can relate.


I thought this one looked scary [MMA/UFC is a lot for me] but I went for it and pressed play. I identified with the racial concepts as an infant, mother situation, anger & the anger management.

Filip Barzngi
Filip Barzngi

Amazing episode! What a good conversation, really liked the laid back ending. Keep up the good work!

Stephen Ward

Amazing, I like coming to London Real and getting my expectations shattered, Interviews where I didn’t think I’d get anything are sometimes the most rewarding.

Jacopo Esse

awful guy, no added value coming out from his mouth honestly.

Luke D-c
Luke D-c

Captivating Interview. What a guy!

Mark Smith

Interesting guy… great interview as ever, thanks.


Seems that there are some privacy settings that are not disclosed, nor corrected, maybe not aware of? Would you advise, please, none of your communicated videos are available to be viewed, and show “because of its privacy settings…”
Thanks in advance


Wassup guys? Thanks for this…
But i cant watch the video