John Lee – Wealth Dragons

John Lee may have started out by cutting vegetables in a kitchen but by the age of 27, he had made his first million. Now, he’s a motivational speaker and trainer who’s shared stage space with Bill Clinton, Richard Branson and Alan Sugar.

Growing up the child of first generation Chinese immigrants who ran a humble takeaway restaurant, Lee’s story is extremely relatable and very much one of our time. Perhaps this is the most powerful thing about his story. He has pushed beyond the familiar disillusion of post-university with it’s broken promise of a job, which many graduates have faced since economic crash. He’s also moved out of the discontentment and banality of the 9 to 5, the place where many of us find ourselves.

Now, as CEO and founder of Wealth Dragon he’s interested in leading others to financial and personal freedom through passive income. In this episode of LondonReal, Lee holds nothing back – we go deep. His honesty and knowledge will engage and empower you. Risk, commitment, fear, discipline, all life lessons drawn from a decade in business are laid out on the table for discussion.

Whether you’re a graduate now working a coffee shop job that you hate, or someone trapped in the hateful and passionless 9 to 5, slaving for someone else’s success, listen up – John Lee wants to set you free.

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ferran arau


this is the video I found most investing since I’m in London Real. Every second is GOLD to me.

Thank you so much for giving access to such an inspiration.

James Radcliffe

What was the focus music he mentioned- no show notes for this show?

Adrian Seligman

I had a question for John. Do you have his email?

Edward Dooley

John Lee gave his e-mail sometime between the 1:16:00 mark and the 1:17:00 mark. Hope this helps Adrian S.

Andrew Sparks

John’s energy is incredible, and this quote really rang true for me: “If you’re not ready to commit, you’re telling the universe ‘I’m not ready'”.

Andres Vernazza

one of my favorites interviews!!

Enming Wang

Thanks Brian, it is great interview! It seems to me that a small group of people are able to find out what they want early in life, and by taking immediate actions they become high achievers and live happy lives. But for many people like myself, even though we knew what we wanted in life, fears stopped us from taking continued actions which is the only way to transform a dream into reality.. Now I figured out that there are only three options for me to get out of this quiet life of desperation to achieve happiness. One is to… Read more »

Kevin McNamara

Thanks Brian! Only new here and going to watch one per day. This was an amazing video to start with. learnt so much.
‘Hell on earth is meeting the person you COULD have been’ How powerful and inspiring is that?
Brilliant, thank you 🙂

Jack B

I come back here like once a month to hear the hell on Earth quote to give myself goosebumps then I get back to work haha

Decebal Dobrica

this guy is like chocolate for mind