Jocko Willink – Success Secrets

Jocko, I think you’ll agree, is a classic badass. He gets up when it’s basically still night, and gets his workouts done.

The success secrets of a Navy SEAL are high value, so make sure you pay close attention to what Jocko has to say!

In this section Jocko talks about:

He rises at 4.30am every morning
The importance of a good workout
How not to waste a day
Why he “holds the line”
What he means by “freedom through discipline”
Why Jocko loves guitar player Jimmy Page!

Let me know in the comments if you agree that discipline creates freedom, and give me an example from your own life where this is true.

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Gotta get to bed early too though, sleep is vital to all aspects of health.

sam annagui

Heavily related to everything said on mornings, workouts and freedom to practice it all comes down to time management.

Joe Lyu

100% agree. The days I am able to get at it with an early start are always good days no matter what.

Dominic Bönisch

I totally agree on his take of “never waste a morning, because you feel miserable the whole day”.

Danny Ramirez

this video isn’t working

Robert Kaltschmitt

Does now

Nigel Rankin

I like this line – “hold the line in the morning, I can always take a power nap later”

Erik J/LaunchModule
Hold the line. In old style warfare, armies fought in linear, binary fashion, with opposing fronts. The ‘line’ was literally that. A line of men, defending ground. And also advancing to take more ground. Holding the line is mission critical if you have something to defend. Self discipline is vulnerable to attack. I just joined a gym with 0600 morning training. That means getting up at 0430. Right now that’s M/W/F. On T/Th/Sat/Sun I have to ‘hold the line.’ Because no one will notice if I hit the snooze alarm. When I was in the Army, I used to be… Read more »
Definetly agree with him on discipline, and the importance of an early start. Unfortunately for night owls like me, the larks won the war and we just have to accept that as the day progresses, whilst we might become more alert we will also be drained due to the natural expenditure of time and effort on daily activities, and so getting up earlier allows us to get our stuff done with a full tank – and excercise helps add to alertness. I think that’s also where the idea of ‘Eating that frog’, comes to play: get the important stuff out… Read more »