Nic Gabriel – Jiu Jitsu Journey

This week’s guest is the martial arts sensation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Brian and Nic discuss their journey as practitioners and give a detailed breakdown of its history with the Gracie family, Judo, the modern phenomenon of mixed martial arts (MMA), and the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC).

“If we look at a real fight two guys get in a fight what usually transpires is that they start grappling…” – Nic (05:54)
“You can’t go in training and be belt focused…” – Brian (9:18)

“Wrestling is the oldest sport known to man.” – Nic (12:23)

“There’s quite a bond you get when you train with guys…” – Brian (20:44)

“When my opponent expands I contract.” – Brian (28:47)

“If I look like that at 86 years old I’m gonna be happy.” – Nic (37:40)

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