Jimmy Chin – Free Solo

Jimmy Chin is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, and mountain sports athlete, who has documented dozens of expeditions for National Geographic and The North Face,

In 2006 he was part of the first American team to climb, and then ski down the summit of Mount Everest.

And in 2011 he made the first ever ascent of the 20,000 foot Himalayan peak known as the “Shark’s Fin”, which became MERU, the award winning documentary film.

His latest movie, FREE SOLO, which he co-directed with his wife Chai Vasarhelyi, features Alex Honnold climbing, without ropes, the 3000 foot granite wall known as El Capitan.

Free Solo is coming to National Geographic March 3rd!

00:00 Trailer.

03:23 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

06:13 Brian’s introduction.

06:59 Sweating palms reaction to Jimmy’s new documentary film Free Solo.

11:59 What Free Solo is about and how people connect with it.

15:24 The mind-blowing concept and history of free soloing.

19:39 What Alex Honnold learned about being perfect from free soloing up Half Dome.

23:07 Why people climb.

25:21 Alex Honnold’s relationship with Sanni McCandless

28:56 Alex’ personality is one that allows him, or anyone in a high-performance situation, to succeed.

34:59 Deciding whether, or not to make the film knowing that someone could die in the process.

44:54 How Jimmy and perhaps Alex think about their own mortality.

48:25 Jimmy’s most-scariest moment when climbing.

50:35 The process of making the film and some of the production issues encountered.

1:00:04 What happened on the day the climb took place.

1:07:56 The Karate kick, the most intense part of the climb.

1:10:52 How it felt for Jimmy to have completed filming.

1:12:16 From Bafta to probable Oscar nomination.

1:13:01 Nobody’s ever achieved anything great by being happy and cosy.

1:14:31 Will this be Jimmy’s greatest film?

1:15:33 How does Jimmy physically achieve what he does.

1:16:43 His connection with nature.

1:19:44 Jimmy’s daily practice.

1:22:14 The best and worst days of his life.

1:23:34 What are Jimmy’s super powers.

1:25:14 What scares him shows why he makes the films he does.

1:27:05 What we might be surprised to know about Jimmy.

1:27:41 Did his Tiger mother influence him?

1:28:52 You only protect what you love.

1:30:14 Phone call to the 20 years old Jimmy.

1:30:49 Best advice ever received.

1:31:36 Success secrets.

1:32:28 Brian’s summing up.

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I just discovered this site after watching “Free Solo”…. amazing interview. Jimmy is incredibly interesting. Greetings from Puerto Rico!


Jimmy chin have a special talent than #thenorthface. His Rock Climbing is covered by his”Photography”, His Filmmmaking skill is covered by his “Rock Climbing”, His “Ski Skill”is covered by his another talent. Thanks for “FreeSolo” team to push the human limits to another level(Beyond the 99% imagination). That’s amazing!


Amazing interview! Thank you Brian and LondonReal team! THANK YOU Jimmy!
Bring also Alex pls!


The term 10x is so unbelievably cringe worthy, so is his other favorite term ‘pull the trigger’ Love Brian and his work but those two really niggle me.


Like the other guy said, profound interview man. He got deep, deep into Jimmy’s soul lol.


Super cool Interview thanks!


Amazing interview, thanks! I would love for Alex to just quit now and pursue something a little less dangerous. Afraid one morning we will all wake to very bad news.


I met Alex here in Potrero Chico, as he was sitting waiting for his friend to get a drink, he was near so I got closer and asked him… “Hey man, where u from?, as if I did not already knew who he was…….California, he replied……..no Man, I said, which Planet are u from?, as he just stared at me and laughed…..a liter of Margarita Alex?………no thanks I don’t drink! Alex said…………see I told you guys he was from another planet!!
Awesome & profound interview!! Great job!!


Great interview, can’t wait to see the documentary.