Jim Kwik – How to Master Your Memory

Jim Kwik the renowned expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning.

After a childhood brain injury leaving him learning-challenged, he overcame it by creating strategies to dramatically enhance his mental performance.

Jim have since dedicated his life to helping others unleash their own brain-power, and serve as a coach to many of the world’s leading CEOs and Celebrities, including Elon Musk, Will Smith, and the cast of X men.

His message is that “Knowledge is power, learning is a superpower”.

00:00 Trailer.

02:24 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

03:13 Brian’s introduction.

03:52 Amazing reaction to Jim’s last appearance on London Real confirms appeal of its ethos.

04:28 Being mindful of your brain and loving it.

05:31 Content is the king and context is the kingdom.

09:27 The continuing importance of memory in this technological age.

12:23 We are gifted this incredible device, but it doesn’t come with an owner’s manual.

13:20 How people learn by connecting.

16:03 Why companies like Google, universities and institutions seek Jim to teach them about the brain.

24:51 If you knew how truly powerful your mind was you wouldn’t say, think, or feel something you didn’t want to be true.

33;14 Nouns are self-limiting so turn them into verbs.  Importance of sleep, hydration and nutrition.

40:41 You have a “To do list, but why not a “Not to do list”.

42:51 Ideas to mitigate the strangle hold of the i-phone and benefit of a routine for the first hour of the day.

45:57 Jim’s non-negotiable routines for the first hour of the day.  Importance of dreams.

53:40 Label as the child with the broken brain inspires his obsession for teaching how to learn.

1:04:16 Importance of journaling and the questions to ask yourself.

1:23:36 The life we live are the lessons we teach.

1:25:16 Using affirmations.

1:27:11 Fear holds people back from changing or taking action, use fear for something positive.

1:47:19 Jim leads a very busy life, what is his mission?

2:01:55 His current biggest challenge.

2:04:42 What scares him.

2:09:50 Phone call to the 20 years old Jim Kwik

2:11:22 Best advice he ever received.

2:11:54 Success secrets.

2:12:19 Why you should read more fiction.

2:15:00 Advice to the 20 years old person watching or listening.

2:22:41 Brian’s summing up.

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wow what an amazing learn and made me feel im on the right pathe as i meditate twice a day and jourinal daily plus trying to read more and sharing to learn also training hard and i have a simmilar format to his questions.mine are the daily 3 ms,meditation,mobility and mindset and the 5 rs wich are read/research,reveiw/reflect and then rest/renewal.also the 3 ps,prioraties progression and principals with thanks to dr stevon covy and people you two.thanks again for an amazing learn,time well spen and loots of notes.


This is good, I have always believed it. A teacher once said when our son was in grade 4 that who he doesn’t have to do that home work, he will never read and also said to my son who had a challenge learning, look he can’t even do grade 2 work in front of the whole class when my son was in a grade 10 Individual program. We taught him to read and at 34 he is married and has a son, but we are still trying to completely erase these things.


Do consider interviewing Leo Gura from Actualized.org ..


Jim kvik are totally right. Brian rose is a modern Day super hero !!
He helps so many people to learn and grow as humans.


Awesome interview Brain. Thank you for your incredible Work.

Could you interview Teal Swan at some point maybe ? That would be a very interesting interview 😱

Much Love ❤️


Awesome content, thanks for doing this!


thanks a lot for providing chapters.


Boy with a Broken Brain -one of the Real Superheroes in this world like you Bran Rose it’s strange but he resembles Mr.Glass from M.Shyamalan movie Glass is it a coincidence of sorts Bruce Willis is there too like an IronMan with an ironmind wonder if you guys are the real illuminatis to save this human race from going astray and self destruction mode.Keep doing the good work .
Love and Peace


nice to meet you