Jamie Wheal – Rethinking God, Sex and Death for a World That’s Lost It’s Mind

Jamie Wheal is the Executive Director of the Flow Genome Project and expert in the neuro-physiology of human performance.

For over a decade he has advised Fortune 500 companies like Google, Nike, and Red Bull, as well as the U.S. Naval War College, on strategy, execution, and leadership.

Jamie is the co-author of the Pulitzer Prize-nominated “Stealing Fire” which investigated Flow states,

And his upcoming book “Recapture the Rapture: Rethinking God, Sex and Death for a World That’s Lost It’s Mind”, explores the limitations and potentials of biohacking, self-help, and psychedelic revolutions.

00:00 Trailer.

02:45 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

03:54 Brian’s introduction.

04:33 Returning home to England, recalling the 1970s and 80s there.

07:28 Jamie’s background.

10:25 How experiencing flow states and mushroom incidents saved his life.

13:53 Writing Stealing Fire led to seeking the purest, cleanest experiences of good and to share them.25:23

25:36 Does everyone experience a peek state, how they can be achieved.

31:50 Should everyone seek to have these experiences and the problem with over-use.

1:04:45 Waking up, growing up showing up, should we be wary of the collectiveness of the showing up?

1:14:15 What Jamie didn’t predict with shared profound peak experience and cathartic release.

1:22;19 Why his next book may become his last non-fiction book.

1:26:00 The poem at the end of the world will be his first non-fiction book,

1:27:20 If you were to die tomorrow, what would you do today?

1:29:16 Jamie Wheal’s writing process.

1:31:09 Jamie’s superpower.

1:33:18 Best and worst days of his life.

1:40:14 What scares him.

1:42:11 What we would be surprised to learn about Jamie Wheal.

1:44:32 What keeps him awake at night.

1:48:37 Success secrets.

1:49:15 Brian’s summing up.

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Please write the book Jamie, I want to buy it for everyone I know! Meanwhile, I’ll direct them here. I’ll need to re-listen to this interview too. Thank you Brian, you have wonderful, insightful guests.


go contra dancing, or an Andre Rieu concert . . .


Thanks Brian for your dedicated daring interviews and Jamie for your wide and loving intelligence; brilliant articulate enlightening talk


Go back to old video player . I can minimize this without it stopping. Or scroll down page


Thank you for the great conversation Brian and Jamie. Thank you for what you are doing.


Wow-What a FACINATATING conversation… this s a super deep dive into so many interesting spiritual matters… I will need to watch this 3-4 more times to pick up the true depth of what he said. Thank you Brian for having such interesting people on your channel that think OUTSIDE the box. I share your show with those that I feel may appreciate it…