Jamie Alderton – Transform Your Body

Ex-British Army soldier, Championship Natural Bodybuilder, top UK fitness model and leading body transformation coach Jamie Alderton joins us in the studio today.

His experience in diet and non-gym training regimes is rare and gets some serious results – if you’ve got it in you to take up the challenge. Jamie is passionate about training and nutrition habits as a means of invigorating your overall lifestyle. This straight talking motivator will seriously get you mentally and physically on game. Get on it.


[05:02] Introduction to Jamie Alderton.

[07:30] Transformation.

[08:40] Why put on those weights?

[10:20] Having experienced it and being able to say to clients what is best.

[11:20] People are constantly given mixed messages.

[12:27] What was the hardest thing to get down to compete?

[15:20] Everyone has preference on body image. I enjoy the lifestyle.

[16:30] 7 years in the military. Shut up and just get on with it.

[17:25] Consistency. Success is showing up.

[19:40] Routine.

[22:50] In the fitness industry, people look at your knowledge.

[24:00] Body transformation coach.

[25:10] Getting to stage shape.

[26:35] Sort the men from the boys.

[27:57] What is the hardest part? Is it the cravings? the energy drops?

[28:15] Responsibility when you have a social media following.

[30:30] How do you deal with food cravings?

[31:40] What kind of body fat percentage are you playing with when going for competition, or photo shoot?

[33:00] A balanced aspect to fitness. You may want to look like that guy but you won’t want to feel like him.

[34:00] What I find for a client is how I can fit into their lifestyle.

[34:40] Getting the results and keeping the results.

[36:40] Emotional connection to results.

[39:00] Finding a nutrition plan that a client will stick to.

[39:50] Red button syndrome.

[40:30] You need to count your calories. You need to watch the macro ratios.

[45:00] Pinpointing something is evil when it’s to do with the dosage.

[46:25] Is there a way to look like you without doing the work?

[48:00] What is your go to meal?

[50:00] Performance Enhancing Drugs.

[53:30] Professional make it look easy and people don’t see the dedication.

[54:10] Steroids don’t equal success.

[55:50] Competitions is about challenging myself.

[58:40] The mind of a champion.

[1:00:50] The mind changes the way you lift.

[1:02:00] Fitness professional disagreeing with things.

[1:03:10] Testosterone.

[1:04:10] Compound movements.

[1:07:00] Training the legs.

[1:08:30] Tips on staying motivated.

[1:10:00] Can genetics be improved and change your body? Listening to your body.

[1:11:00] Time management.

[1:14:00] Vegan lifestyle

[1:15:40] How do you figure out what you wanted to do?

[1:17:00] Go and look at what you like on Facebook and what you don’t like.

[1:21:50] What you learnt running your own business.

[1:25:00] Morning routines.

[1:26:00] Peace and quiet in the morning.

[1:29:40] Being an entrepreneur doing what you love to do.

[1:30:25] Advice to the 20 year old self.

[1:31:50] Best advice business or personal.

[1:33:10] How do people get you?

[1:38:40] Change your mindset before you change your mind.

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