Jamie Alderton – Morning Power Walk

Jamie Alderton guides you through his morning power walk routine and how getting up early in the morning before the world wakes up and starts pinging you emails, messages and calls can prime your mind for success.

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Angel Anderson
Angel Anderson

Finding that moment of peace during the day is key especially for me and my super busy schedule.

Evgenia Lebedeva

Very good video from Jamie. Waking up early and just having a walk is such a simple thing to do, but effect of it on health and mindset could be quite powerful. I do wake up at about 5:45 am myself.

Russ Patchitt

Great vid from Jamie. Love how LR mentors say important information in a simple way. Also I feel the same as Sigurour Olafsson in his last point. Well said sir.

Sigurður (Siggi) Ólafsson

Great stuff. We all to seldom spend time by ourself, in circumstances were we are not interrupted by our Tv’s, Pc’s, Pad’s, Family, housework, etc. I can really related to what Jamie is saying as a similar exercise to this one, actually lead me to London Real in the first place (I was doing Steve Maxwell’s 40 day challenge where each day consisted of: eating right, doing mobility drills, doing some light strength training and the hardest part for me, the daily mandatory “10 thousand steps”. In order to get the 10K steps I regularly had to force myself to… Read more »