James Thompson – The Colossus

Success Secrets

00:00 Trailer.
01:43 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
08:32 Brian’s Introduction.
09:31 Looking back three years.
16:45 Love hate relationship with MMA.
18:16 The MMA fighter as another entity and how a lost fight affects that persona.
24:51 Believe what you want to believe.
25:46 James’ and Kimbo Slice’s journey into the MMA.
31:44 James Thompson v Kimbo Slice first fight.
39:39 Preparing for the second James Thompson v Kimbo Slice fight.
45:57 Gambling. James speaks openly about his battle with his addiction.
54:20 Does introspection hinder James’ talents?
59:35 The ego and self-belief of MMA fighters.
1:06:30 James perspective on the UFC.
1:11:30 Brian’s thanks to James for talking about gambling, an addiction not talked about enough.
1:16:20 Advice to the 20 year old MMA fighter.
1:18:40 Success secrets.
1:19:45 Telephone call to the 20 year old James Thompson.
1:21:25 Best advice ever received.
1:22:34 Final advice to the young MMA fighter.
1:24:37 Opening doors to new opportunities without fear.