James Rhodes – Instrumental

James Rhodes is a classical pianist and author of the book “Instrumental: A Memoir of Madness, Medication and Music.”

If you think you’ve seen me go deep with a guest on previous episodes of London Real just wait until you see what happens in this interview…

In this episode I ask James about:

  • his Princess Diana moment aged 7
  • being the victim of child rape
  • his suicide attempts while in a mental institute
  • being the first ever pianist signed to a rock label
  • why his book was so nearly BANNED
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • and so much more!

So click Play and enjoy the one of the most powerful episodes of London Real I’ve EVER made.

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[0:08:39] Introduction

[0:09:50] Princess Diana moment. Dichotomy of people who knows classical music and those who don’t.

[0:10:45] Bach

[0:12:00] Everyone has a piece of music that resonates with them.

[0:13:10] Imagine listening to it and now I’m playing it on stage.

[0:14:10] You don’t think that all great art comes from pain?

[0:14:44] People suffer from trauma.

[0:14:55] Bringing classical music back to the masses and starting own label.

[0:17:10] Introducing the Beethoven music on stage.

[0:18:20] Put away the distraction for 1 hour to listen to live classical music.

[0:20:30] I don’t care if people despise classical.

[0:21:30] Boléro

[0:22:00] Mozart’s complete works has been released in 70 CDs

[0:23:30] Do you think about your legacy.

[0:24:30] Schubert

[0:25:20] Are you an outlier? Malcolm Gladwell. 25 best piece that runs alongside these musicians

[0:28:40] I want the music to be the greatest music of my life

[0:29:00] Memoir that talks about sexual abuse.

[0:30:15] Self harm was a coping mechanism.

[0:31:20] People mistake kindness for flirtation.

[0:33:20] Child abuse is just the tip of the iceberg.

[0:34:00] I fully understand why people don’t want to talk about it.

[0:34:40] Healing.

[0:35:45] Images circulating on the internet.

[0:36:50] The toxic shame of child abuse.

[0:38:28] It goes on to impact the psyche of the child.

[0:40:27] We want to feel loved.

[0:41:45] Geoff Thompson. Confronting the man.

[0:42:55] You are only flogging this to sell more albums.

[0:43:47] Would you rather I did speak out or learning your niece is with this man.

[0:45:23] It hasn’t gone away.

[0:46:00] This is a great life. When I became a father.

[0:47:20] Its a memoir, and that was a small part of my life.

[0:48:40] We don’t ban books in Britain.

[0:51:30] The lesson is that we can talk about it even if it is difficult.

[0:54:01] Gagging order of not talking about this.

[0:56:00] Stephen Fry was shaking with anger that this was going on. The Supreme court overturned the ban.

[0:57:10] They tightened the law. It concerns me that it me and it me took a team of A list celebrity and a team of some of the best lawyers in the world and time and effort to get a book about music and child abuse published.

[1:00:50] Studying psychology. Working in the city.

[1:01:50] Why aren’t you playing this professionally? Becoming a concert pianist.

[1:05:00] Did the music saved you?

[1:06:30] What do you think makes you a great pianist?

[1:10:10] Listen to this. Listen to Chopin.

[1:11:20] Running away from the past.

[1:15:30] If I have to I’ll pay for a doctor because the alternive is dying.

[1:17:16] The only thing that is more terrifying than waking up at 3 o’clock is waking up terrified and alone.

[1:18:00] Fear of being on stage.

[1:20:00] Being in the moment.

[1:21:10] I love to tour America.

[1:23:50] Do you worry about relapse.

[1:23:50] It’s normal to worry.

[1:24:44] More Americans went to a classical concert last year than went to a ball game.

[1:24:35] Playing at Carnegie Hall.

[1:25:30] They seem to be friendly in America.

[1:25:50] Success secrets.

[1:26:40] What makes you a good friend?

[1:28:14] Advice to the 20 year old James Rhodes.

[1:31:21] Competition playing in music colleges.

[1:31:04] Best advice ever received.

[1:35:00] It’s about the journey. Learning to enjoy performing.