James Ketchell – Success Secrets

James is a super-humble guy but he has so much to teach us about success and getting things done!

He’s is an absolute master at turning huge goals like rowing across the Atlantic into manageable tasks. He’s also got a lot to say on accountability.

In this section you’ll hear James talk about:

  • The importance of structure and routine
  • How accomplishing the small things set you up to accomplish the big stuff
  • How once you commit to something, you have to do it
  • Why he considers his father an example of success
  • How he stopped comparing himself to others
  • The importance of accountability
  • How he prioritises his goals on a monthly basis
  • How he plans his day the night before
  • The importance of planning and preparation

James gives away a lot about how he breaks down each goal into smaller goals.

In the comments below, let me know a big goal you have for the next year, and how YOU can start breaking it down to get it accomplished.