James Ketchell – Pushing The Limits

Boy, do we have something special for you today!

This week’s guest on London Real is James Ketchell, who is the only man to have climbed Mount Everest, rowed across the Atlantic Ocean AND cycled around the world.

Now, if you saw the trailer for this, or you heard me talk about James before, you probably have this picture in your head of a kind of action hero alpha male, a sort of Hollywood character.

That’s surprise number one! James is one of the humblest and gentlest guests we’ve had on the show, and there’s nothing aggressive or macho about him.

James is actually quite soft spoken, thoughtful and he’s rarely not smiling.

There’s something very ENGLISH about James, and he’s charming without even trying to be.

Some of the crazy stories, and the death defying feats, he talks about, brought back to me the old British war movies like Bridge Over The River Kwai, and I even bring that film up in the interview.

James is like a character from those old movies.

There’s something reserved and self-effacing about his manner, he’s not trying to place himself above anyone else in the room.

On the face of it, you think it doesn’t make sense. How did this humble, very normal, very down-home English guy pull off all these insane adventures, and live to tell the tale?

But it’s exactly that level-headedness and quiet humility that’s the key to James’ ability to achieve his goals.

We start off talking about the horrible accident that kicked off his desire to become an adventurer.

It’s a harrowing tale, but right from the outset you get a flavour of the mindset behind everything James does.

James had a terrible motorcycle accident that caused severe damage to his foot.

Doctors said it was very unlikely he’d be able to walk properly again, never mind take extreme risks up against nature.

Instead of getting drawn into defeatism and cycles of self-pity, James set himself the goal of rowing across the Atlantic.

He was working on the project, raising money and networking, from his hospital bed!

This is a bit of a theme for James. He mentions the importance of goals.

We talk a lot about goals on the show and in the Academy, and it’s a big part of what we are all about, as you know.

But James uses goals as a kind of survival technique. It’s goals that get him through impossible challenges.

He said that the mentality of having something concrete to work towards helped him recover from the accident almost completely within six months.

He also talks about how goals are achieved by breaking them down, and giving yourself manageable tasks every day.

This proves to be a real game changer when it comes to those do or die moments out on the adventure.

And do or die moments are what James is all about!

But it’s funny, every time I get him to talk about some amazing feat he accomplished, he passes it off as just obvious or not that big a deal.

James talks like he’s just the guy at your local pub, joking and smiling and telling good stories.

But it’s deceptive because he’s also lived the stories.

There’s no ego, though. He’s not one of these guys doing extreme sports or survival feats just to prove to himself how amazing he is.

James merely enjoys being out there in the middle of the ocean, or on top of the world surveying the landscape from the peak of Everest. It’s just his nature.

I really recommend looking out for his story about nearly dying while crossing the Indian Ocean.

This is the stuff movies are made of, and the way James tells it, you are imagining it all in your head, and I swear you’re going to be on the edge of your seat.

It’s a tense, epic and at times terrifying tale, but James delivers it with comic timing and humility.

One minute he’s dangling from a rope ladder at the side of an ocean tanker in the middle of a violent storm, and minutes later he’s drinking beers with a bunch of Indian characters up on the captain’s.

It’s like something out of old fashioned boys’ comic books.

You’ll have to check out the way James tells it to know what I’m talking about, but it’s super-entertaining.

Each story comes back to that mindset I mentioned.

Each time he’s confronted with death, or as he puts it “hairy moments”, he takes it one step at a time.

No grandiose statements, no big talk, no over-thinking.

Just one foot in front of the other. Set the task, and keep performing it until you get where you need to be.

They don’t make them much like James Ketchell any more, and I wish they did.

We get a lot of high performance people on the show, but true character and grit like this is rare.

James represents so much of what I love about my adopted country of Britain.

Quiet confidence, resolve, tenacity and courage – all completely lacking in bravado or egotism.

James has this uncanny way of making you believe you can do it too, of making the extraordinary entirely possible.

And that’s basically his life’s mission.

When he cycled around the world he made sure he spoke in schools in each country he passed through.

His “knack for survival” goes hand in hand with his amazing story-telling, and I can really see how he is able to connect with so many young people across the world.

He’s big hearted, gracious and an absolute delight to interview.

London Realers I give you the serial adventurer, and the master of survival that is James Ketchell.

[8:03] Introduction & walking in with a limp.

[10:00] Knocked off my bike.

[11:57] 3 doctors operated on me. The doctor said you probably wouldn’t walk again.

[14:07] Hardest part of any expedition is getting to the start line.

[16:44] Skinny kid who had no confidence.

[18:30] Figure out Ocean rowing.

[19:50] If I can get to the halfway point I’ve done it.

[21:20] I just kept going.

[23:15] There is nothing you can’t do now.

[25:00] Do you like being alone out there?

[26:00] Sharks. Fishing. Cleaning the boat.

[27:40] Being hit by a 100,000 ton tanker.

[29:46] Are you ever thinking am I going to die?

[30:36] The only way I’m getting out is if the boat is sinking.

[32:12] Experience of starving.

[32:43] Nothing is forever, just enjoy it.

[35:42] Pictures of chinese food from dad.

[37:19] Almost 4 months and craving for a cheese burger.

[38:32] It’s the simple things you miss when you are in the middle of the ocean.

[39:59] Surreal being in a club with a 100 people after…

[41:20] Your oars must be massive.

[41:55] Everest

[42:30] You got 6 months to raise £30,000.

[45:09] Can I have 6 months off work to go climb everest… we just gave you 6 months

[45:30] Months of fundraising.

[46:17] Manager of Nando’s. I’m only a Lemon and Herb guy. Wow you are going up Mt Everest and you can’t eat hot sauce?

[47:00] Chicken with altitude.

[48:08] When I was making the effort but couldn’t be bothered.

[48:23] Stephen Pressfield resistance.

[48:58] Why would someone give me money to climb a mountain.

[50:50] Climbing gear

[52:24] Everest is relatively easy climb. It’s about acclimatisation.

[53:09] Imagine sprinting 100m and running out of breath.

[56:20] At the summit of Everest.

[57:18] The Sherpa’s a the real hero’s at the Everest.

[59:40] Frozen Japanese guy.

[1:02:18] Going straight to the hospital from Heathrow. 7 days in hospital with pneumonia.

[1:03:45] How did Everest change you?

[1:05:21] Did the ankle bother you?

[1:07:57] Good at connecting with people.

[1:08:10] Speaking with young people.

[1:09:11] What made you want to cycle.

[1:11:25] All successful people are more proactive.

[1:14:10] Meeting people that pose ideas to you but just waiting to take action.

[1:14:46] In a row boat with a guy with epilepsy.

[1:16:54] The sound of ferociousness.

[1:19:24] Activating emergency beacon.

[1:21:45] Not seen by this tanker. How can you not see us. So I shoot the flare.

[1:25:36] It all just goes slow motion.

[1:26:32] I’ve got to thank the captain.

[1:27:30] I was quite worried what people would think – we failed. The reaction was completely opposite.

[1:29:20] What’s the craziest adventure you can think at the back of your mind.

[1:30:36] I love flying.

[1:33:07] Success secret.

[1:37:28] Advice to the 20 year old James Ketchell

[1:38:23] Best advice ever received.

[1:38:43] Advice to the 20 year old out there.

Connect with James Ketchell on his Website: www.jamesketchell.net

Connect on Twitter: @CaptainKetch

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Story with the rescue is super awesome .

Jochem Westerhof
Jochem Westerhof

Great interview !!

Nicola D Amato

this guy made look my goals so stupid that I am reviewing them. Great interview, huge thanks to London Real


This is a GREAT interview.
Thanks guys, keep up the good job and greetings from Prague!

Martin McGrath

What a bloke! It just goes to show that you really can do anything if you want it badly enough.


Up too 1.25

Gri Angel
Gri Angel

This episode with James Ketchell is extremely good. I totally love it! Thank you!

Alun Evans
Alun Evans

Very inspiring episode and a thoroughly nice guy! Shows you dont have to go round bragging or ripping off your gym shirt and posing as a man to get respect! What a great example the guy is and I couldnt imagine a better role model for kids. Well done James and thanks Brian!

Vlad Mercori

The best episode by far. It’s such a nice feeling to see guys like James who are practicing what they preach and beside that they inspire others to push even harder.



That was quite an intense episode, James can really tell a story well and keep you on the edge of your seat. Like a real life tin tin adventure. Its amazing to think you can be in the middle of the ocean and be dropping tweets. Its made me think about on of my life long goals. Thanks again Brian for a great interview.

Michael LaRocque

This guy is so full of life!! Wow what a inspiration

Ags Mercadeo

That guy’s style resonates strongly with where I am in life right now. Thanks so much for this interview. Very inspirational.

Marican Garcia

WOW!!! Another juicy, savoury interview…
Brian, you have a great way of steering without interjecting, almost like peripheral interviewing your guest that really allows them to light up. Ignite and tell their inspiring journeys and outcomes!

I loved when James spoke about step by step actions in order to keep on track. Just keep going even though you may see them as small steps. Each one is significant to the process, of dream reaching.

Wicked good!!!

Mikael Henriksson

I second all of that!

Marco Berrettini

brillant; and I liked very much the easiness of his explanations; shows that some people possess philosophy without complicated and sophisticated language 🙂 thanks London Real

Renata Koba

Loved the interview and the man!
Thank you Brian for all the inspiration.

Brian Rose

I love the energy James brings to all of his pursuits! So much to learn from this man.