James Haskell – Success Secrets

James has really worked hard to craft a success mindset, and he’s a bit of an expert at managing his own “winning” psychology.

In this section James talks about how:

  • He does things on his own terms
  • His dad taught him to set goals
  • You should focus on the task not the big picture
  • He takes notes and sets mini-goals
  • Music is a great way to change your mental state
  • We should experience negativity, but move on
  • Hard work is essential to success
  • He has developed his writing
  • We should share ideas, but with the right people
  • He overcomes procrastination
  • His thoughts on Tim Ferriss and Conor McGregor
  • Who he thinks is successful

Have you used any of the methods that James talks about? Leave a comments and let me know how YOU have fostered a success mindset. 

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Dominic Jones

Interesting ideas 🙂