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Jamal Edwards MBE is the founder of the multi-million pound youth and music-focused media empire SB.TV, which he founded from his bedroom at just 15. At 26, Edwards has already achieved more than most entrepreneurs will achieve in a lifetime and counts Richard Branson as a personal friend.

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00:00 Trailer.
01:34 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
04:05 Brian’s Introduction.
04:49 10 years since Jamal’s first YouTube video and the early days of using YouTube.
09:29 Jamal’s view of YouTube today.
10:22 Why Jamal initially chose to use YouTube.
11:23 Jamal and the Google Chrome advert.
13:23 Jamal’s success was not overnight.
14:02 Jamal does not rest on his laurels and has learnt to focus on the now.
15:29 Progressing from being a solo entrepreneur to having a team around him.
17:12 Growing a team and his attitude when members leave.
19:31 Hailed as a millionaire at twenty three, does that pose problems for Jamal?
21:20 The benefits of getting investment in 2013.
22:12 How Jamal wants to grow his company whilst keeping its authenticity.
24:55 What Jamal likes about Vice.
26:49 Struggles to get a YouTube partnership.
28:39 Jamal’s use of various social media platforms.
30:46 What Jamal thinks is the most important thing in any business.
33:04 What should be remembered when expanding a business into America.
34:03 Your network is your net worth. How Jamal has gained high profile mentors.
37:25 What sort of vibe does Jamal get from being around Richard Branson?
39:03 Positive experiences on Virgin East Coast trains.
40:18 What Jamal Edwards heard from the young entrepreneurs on the train.
41:41 Entrepreneurial scene now so different to ten years ago.
42:47 Building your life story, start now.
44:41 Jamal’s “less is more” mantra and the self-belief box.
46:39 The energy he gets for being with members of the Royal Family.
49:01 Receiving the Membership of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE)
50:42 Jamal’s relationship with his parents.
52:27 The early obsessive Jamal, how he became less reserved.
53:54 SB. TV filming style attracts different audiences.
56:48 Jamal’s method for moving forward into new plans
57:49 SB. TV News. Young people do like news, they are opinionated. Jamal’s advice to them.
1:00:40 Taking the opportunity to Interview David Cameron and Ed Miliband.
1:02:04 What Jamal sees when he thinks about America.
1:03:06 Ed Sheeran a big turning point for SB. TV.
1:05:04 Does Jamal think that he reaps rewards from putting good energy out into the world?
1:06:23 How does Jamal work a room?
1:08:29 What his current reading material leads him to think about.
1:09:30 Music videos portraying life all about material gain, is that reflective of what life has to offer?
1:11:33 Why Skepta receiving the Mercury prize was a special moment for Jamal.
1:13:08 What it is about young people that is really bothering Jamal at the moment.
1:15:38 People to people connection is far superior to social media.
1:22:06 Coping with his Mother’s cancer diagnosis.
1:28:07 What will Jamal and SB. TV be like in 10 years?
1:30:15 Success Secrets.
1:31:28 On tour with Dr Dre, inspiring and a lesson learnt.
1:34:30 What Jamal has changed his mind about during the year.
1:35:55 How Jamal meditates.
1:37:20 What keeps Jamal awake at night?
1:37:48 Jamal’s matrix of his success.
1:39:46 Phone call to the 20 year old Jamal.
1:42:31 Best advice ever received.
1:43:50 How to find a mentor.
1:46:07 Advice to the young people watching who have a passion to do something.
1:47:30 Brian’s summing up.

Jamal Edwards’ links:
Jamal Edwards on YouTube
Jamal Edwards on Twitter
Jamal Edwards on Instagram
Jamal Edwards on Facebook
Jamal Edwards TEDx Talk
SB.TV on Wikipedia

Jamal Edwards’ Book:
Self Belief: The Vision: How to Be a Success on Your Own Terms

Topics discussed:
Floppy Disc
Windows Movie Maker
History of Google
Google Chrome TV Advert – Jamal Edwards
X Factor (UK TV series)
Bartle Bogle and Hegarty
Inside SBTV: From Bedroom to Boardroom (Channel 4 TV)
Vice News
Vice (Magazine)
Complex (Magazine)
Bauer Media
Hurst Media Company
Virgin Trains On-board Business Clinic
Virgin Trains
Virgin Airlines
Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (M.B.E.)
MBA course University of Bedfordshire, Luton
The Queen’s Young Leaders
The Prince’s Trust
Egg London
The Press Association
‘The Soul of Money: Reclaiming the Wealth of our Inner Resources’ by Lynne Twist
‘The Power of No’ by James Altucher
‘Sliding Doors’ (film)
Teenage Cancer Trust
Beats Electronics
Intellectual Property (IP)
X Factor
Nesta (Innovation foundation)
Grime Daily Media (GRM)
Link TV
Press Play media
Danny Streetz Playlist

People mentioned in this episode:
Richard Branson
Dizzee Rascal
Nicki Minaj
Ed Sheeran
Jessie J
Chad Hurley
Lady Gaga
Justin Bieber
Gary Vaynerchuk
Prince William
Prince Harry
Simon Cowell
Ed Miliband
Marcus Darryl
Charles, Prince of Wales
Little Mix
One Direction
Mahatma Ghandi
David Cameron
Robert Peston
Joe Carnell
Spike Lee
Yves Rossy (The Jetman)
Jack Wells
Elliott Hulse
Dr Dre
Snoop Dogg
Jimmy Iovine
Omar Johnson
Luke Wood
Daniel Priestley

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Dominic Jones

Love the message of abundance. Empowering others rather than the zero sum thinking. Thank you 🙂


Good stuff as always on LRtv