Imogen Heap Success Secrets

Imogen’s advice is essential for anyone trying to fuse creativity with good business sense. She told me that when she started paying attention to the following things, she changed her game massively.

Imogen explains how:

  • Diversity of creativity improves productivity
  • It can help NOT to have your own way sometimes
  • The potential for collaboration is better than it’s ever been
  • Major labels are best avoided for young artists
  • Getting a good manager is vital
  • Taking responsibility for the business side changed her game
  • Blogging connected her to fans
  • If something doesn’t feel right, you must find another way
  • Riches and fame can HINDER your success
  • Brian Eno has managed his success the right way

Imogen says you can actually have TOO MUCH money, and riches can block your productivity. I want to know what’s your financial metric for success? When is enough, enough?

Leave me a comment below, and I want to see hard numbers!