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As you know, here on London Real we are committed to giving you best ideas from the most innovative, fascinating and game-changing people in their respective fields.

If you are a true London Real fan, you’ll know we’re not just about entertainment, but about creating the shift in your awareness necessary for you to reach your potential.

It’s for that reason that I consider this week’s guest, the movement expert Ido Portal, one of our most important guests.

You will have seen him before on the show, and we felt that his work was so significant, that we wanted him back!

Last time we talked a lot of Ido the man, his background in Capoeira and his upbringing in Israel.

This time we go deeper into the philosophy of Ido’s work.

As you will see, the more I try to pin Ido down on a clear description of what it is he actually does, the more philosophical he becomes.

I believe that’s proof of Ido’s highly evolved approach to teaching movement.

Ido is far more clear about his movement teaching is NOT, rather than what it is.

It is NOT another fad. It is NOT about fancy techniques and showing off like a break dancer.

It’s NOT a functional philosophy, like a martial art or a style of dance.

Ido’s philosophy, and Ido the man for that matter, are illusive.

Movement is such a broad term, and Ido likes it that way.

You’ll notice this from a lot of our guests, but Ido is particularly cautious with his words, because as he tells me, words are easily abused.

Keeping the ideas behind his teaching so expansive means that his impact on his students is profound, and deeply personal.

It’s about YOUR relationship with YOUR body.

I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in a two-day weekend session with Ido, and like I say in this episode, it created a revolution in how I view my own body.

The idea of going to the gym just to pump iron, or spend hours developing a specialism in your training, now seems to me to be a waste of time.

Ido is about ditching the specialist approach to fitness and the body.

In fact, the word fitness is something he wants to get away from.

You’ll remember what James Altucher said a few weeks back on the show, about idea sex, and how combining seemingly unrelated ideas can make game-changing shifts in your business and success.

Well, it’s kind of the same thing for Ido, but with the body.

He encourages his students to explore the deepest and most far reaching possibilities of what their body can do.

In doing that, you find your own identity as a physical being, and create a way of moving that is not imitative, but authentic.

Listen out for the section in which Ido talks about the importance of community.

Ido’s philosophy is about harnessing the collective wisdom that comes from working with others, from experimenting within the context of a group.

Some of the stuff he talks about here really made me think about the Academy!

For Ido, the very act of expanding your awareness of our body’s potential, creates a deeper, more connected awareness of our authentic selves.

Ido says that more and more in recent months, he has been realising the importance of developing your own ‘fingerprint’ when it comes to movement.

I highly recommend looking out for his discussion of that.

Like I said, Ido doesn’t really have one single takeaway philosophy.

If you are looking for that, well, you might be disappointed!

Getting tied down to one idea, on single perspective on what movement and the body are, is EXACTLY what Ido wants to crush.

He’s all about creating mindset shifts, bursting through the comfort zone of even his most talented students.

Ido is a big believer in maintaining the ‘beginner’s mind’ all the time, never letting you get comfortable.

By doing this, Ido has created a culture, rather than a method, and it’s a distinction he seems fond of making.

It’s more of a commitment, than a lifestyle. A set of values, rather than a set of digestible ideas.

Even interviewing him is an experience of broadening your horizons!

His answers develop and evolve as they leave his mouth, because for Ido, growth, change and innovation seem to be his guiding commitments.

For Ido, ‘there is no black belt’.

His approach to movement is about trying to stay a white belt, to always be in that moment of discovery.

So the point is not the technique you are practising in that moment. It’s not about athletics, and showing off.

Ido is only happy when his students are practicing their movement from a state of freshness and personal development.

This creates both accelerated growth in your physical abilities, but at the same time it creates the humility necessary to truly integrate that growth.

There’s no other guest who better embodies so many of our values here at London Real.

Success SecretsAUDIO

[5:36] Introduction.

[7:20] What do you do? The movement culture. Owning a body.

[9:20] Teaching about movement vs discipline. Purest form of capoeira.

[13:50] Teaching the Ido Portal movement method/practice/stuff.

[15:49] Using words to describe the practice.

[16:12] Slice and dice approach to map the cloud.

[18:30] Specific basic patterns with the goal of getting stronger. Basics.

[20:40] Move without thinking about moving. Sharing similarities between the tribe of the movement culture.

[21:40] Capoeira put in me the importance of community, tribe and collective knowledge.

[23:40] Difficult to reinvent the wheel. Humans are the generalist of all animals.

[24:30] Paying the price of being a specialist.

[27:04] Specialist to generalist to fingerprint.

[27:20] Describe the best movement day of Ido Portal in the last year.

[28:15] Awareness. It happens to you. Soft, hard, smooth.

[29:56] How do you plan a good movement day. Recognising the “hunger” for movement.

[32:39] Brian, you need a place to hang. Doesn’t have to be a once every 2 day gym session.

[33:00] Owning the body. Taking the responsibility.

[34:10] Not about doing a workout. It’s about living a physical lifestyle. Constantly respecting the body that you live in.

[35:40] American fitness industry.

[37:19] What to expect in a Ido Portal seminar. Giving white belts and taking back the “toy”.

[41:16] The culture of people who follow Ido Portal. Being a good student. You can never return the gift from a teacher.

[43:51] When you find a good teacher, you should just learn from them, regardless of what they have to teach you.

[44:38] Make it a point to seek new teachers. Finding pieces of information through a person.

[45:30] Data. Information. Knowledge. Wisdom.

[46:35] The era of mis-information. How to find good information.

[49:02] The Vegan community. The Crossfit practice. Unquantifiable movement practices.

[51:00] The lizard crawl.

[52:25] Organic movements. Solving a certain kinetic puzzle.

[53:34] Dorian Yates. Bodybuilding and fitness models.

[56:00] We are not just a brain or a body, we are also an image of the way we look at ourselves.

[57:18] What do you wake up looking to do?

[59:40] I was the media slut known for the one arm handstand but that’s just a very small piece of the practice.

[1:03:45] The conflict of spreading the message but not selling out. It has to be my way.

[1:05:06] What is Ido Portal of doing at age 55, in 20 years time.

[1:06:30] Stephen Jepson, Never leave the playground.

[1:08:00] Taking calculated risks. If you are going to be competitive you pay the price.

[1:09:45] Being known as a ruthless instructor. Very emphatic way to look at things.

[1:11:25] Pain is a complex phenomena.

[1:13:55] Feeling angry when training. Getting emotional.

[1:16:00] Giving context. Ultimately it’s about revealing the concealed truth. Bringing this awareness inside. Anything that you do have no value or truth unless it sheds new awareness and light. Movement is through the body.

[1:17:57] How does Ido Portal relax without moving. Meditation

[1:21:00] Losing my emotional flexibility.

[1:22:34] Lessons from trip to China. Eat Bitter

[1:26:45] Where’s home for you?

[1:27:50] Russians.

[1:29:05] Starting a family.

[1:29:50] Are we going in the wrong direction in this world?

[1:30:30] Technology will help us change our mindsets in a deep enough level. We are moving away from awareness.

[1:31:35] Viktor Frankl – the opposite of love is indifference

[1:32:41] Conor McGregor – the way he moves. Asking the questions. Expressing the art of expressing the body.

[1:34:44] I appreciate loudmouths. Loud mouths are risk taker.

[1:36:40] Principles are superior to techniques.

[1:38:40] Believe in the intelligence of the audience.

[1:39:50] When you think of the word successful, who comes to mind.

[1:40:50] Odelia Goldschmidt – how would she describe Ido? Teacher disciple relationship.

[1:43:42] Writing. When is the book coming out?

[1:45:15] How many people will you touch next year? Physical contact.

[1:47:23] Establishing the boundaries before we go to work. If I can’t touch you, I won’t work with you.

[1:47:44] Movement and sex. Desmond Morris. Moshé Feldenkrais.

[1:48:42] What would you say to the 20 year old Ido.

[1:50:20:] Mentors. Shai Faran. Capoeira. My mother. The last year of my life. Zen Buddhism. Mushashi. Empty the cup. Cleaning the soul. Meditate on your death.

[1:54:00] Answer to your intuition.

[1:56:40] TEDTalk.

[1:59:11] Bring your body to the Movement Camp.

[2:02:00] The collective knowledge.

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