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To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about Ido Portal.

The cult of Ido Portal is a wave of information, videos, and interviews about a mysterious man from Israel who’s not afraid to call out Crossfitters and Vegans alike, who stands on one hand and preaches “self dominance”.

I watched his videos and interviews and wondered, “But what is this man really like?”

And then I found out.

Arriving with what looked like his worldly possessions in a backpack, I met a man on a journey who is trying to spread his ideas on movement one person at a time.

In the age of internet marketing and self-help gurus, Ido has no interest in publishing a book because he thinks it is only a static snapshot of his thoughts at that time and more importantly it is a poor way of communicating his ethos of movement.

I would tell you more but Ido does it so much better, so sit back and relax (or better yet squat) as I let him do the talking.

I’ve met over 200 people in my studios and gazed deep into their eyes.  I believe this man Ido Portal is something very special.

00:00 Trailer.
01:20 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
11:35 Brian’s Introduction.
13:30 What attracted Ido to Capoeira.
14:50 Ido describes life in his native Israel and home town of Haifa
18:35 What effect compulsory military service has on young people.
19:55 The difference it makes when the threat to your life and country is more of a reality?
20:47 The effect on creativity of military service.
22:25 How the movement philosophy evolved.
25:48 A difficult transition from Capoeira,
27:21 Why people attend his sessions and their reactions to the experience.
28:57 After achievement comes a realisation.
35:18 What happens in an Ido Portal seminar?
40:03 Besides learning movement technique what will students be learning about themselves.
42:14 Intelligent sensitivity to individual capability and pace of progression.
46:15 The Ido Portal movement philosophy is so much more than the attention grabbing handstands.
48:46 Dogmas, methods and goals.
52:44 Specialist teachers focus on a fitness goal rather than taking a movement layered approach.
58:03 How his movement message is spreading.
59:40 CrossFit a very positive phenomenon but centres on capacity rather than movement.
1:03:27 CrossFit with quantifiable patterns it doesn’t work with improving movement intelligence.
1:05:30 The best of the best MMA fighters are very good at finding this non-defined reality.
1:08:01 Movement as used by MMA fighters.
1:13:27 Dealing with the certainty of trauma, ‘everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face’.
1:16:43 When he is not moving, what does Ido eat?
1:22:41 How is Ido coping with aging?
1:25:10 Anyone who is successful has made sacrifices in their life,
1:28:31 How Ido is controlling the spread and keeping validity of his movement philosophy.
1:31:37 Why Ido has not so far written a book.
1:32:50 With no book and videos of one arm handstands, how can one start to do learn what to do?
1:38:26 Standing tables, treadmill desks, walking, even water can be overdone.
1:39:04 I still want to be the guy on the beach every day, moving and researching my body.
1:41:21 Is Ido a reluctant messiah?
1:45:18 Phone call to the 20 year old Ido Portal.
1:46:31 Best advice ever received.
1:46:24 What advice would you give to any twenty year old who wants to be like you in movement.
1:48:47 Brian’s summing up.

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wow, thank you very much


Please fix your video player. I love the content but this player is killing me I have to refresh and find my spot every 10 min


sooo can i just start my little human movement at a small scale please? Where do i go hon?



Mike Lopez Show
Mike Lopez Show

guys brilliant

Joshua Ntiedo More
Joshua Ntiedo More

absolutely phenomenal

Frank Gojcaj

The foundation of his thoughts are pure Bruce Lee.
Very interesting man.

jason hughston
jason hughston

Great interview – provided great insight into Ido’s philosophy – inspirational!

Teddy Mutombo

Ido you change my life

Seán Millar
Seán Millar

He’s such an awesome thinker, I can’t help but be engaged.

Jake Grossman
Jake Grossman

Ido is awesome. I’ll be listening to both of your interviews with him tomorrow on my 5 hour flight

Dominic Jones

Interesting 🙂