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To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about Ido Portal.

The cult of Ido Portal is a wave of information, videos, and interviews about a mysterious man from Israel who’s not afraid to call out Crossfitters and Vegans alike, who stands on one hand and preaches “self dominance”.

I watched his videos and interviews and wondered, “But what is this man really like?”

And then I found out.

Arriving with what looked like his worldly possessions in a backpack, I met a man on a journey who is trying to spread his ideas on movement one person at a time.

In the age of internet marketing and self-help gurus, Ido has no interest in publishing a book because he thinks it is only a static snapshot of his thoughts at that time and more importantly it is a poor way of communicating his ethos of movement.

I would tell you more but Ido does it so much better, so sit back and relax (or better yet squat) as I let him do the talking.

I’ve met over 200 people in my studios and gazed deep into their eyes.  I believe this man Ido Portal is something very special.

00:00 Trailer.
01:20 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
11:35 Brian’s Introduction.
13:30 What attracted Ido to Capoeira.
14:50 Ido describes life in his native Israel and home town of Haifa
18:35 What effect compulsory military service has on young people.
19:55 The difference it makes when the threat to your life and country is more of a reality?
20:47 The effect on creativity of military service.
22:25 How the movement philosophy evolved.
25:48 A difficult transition from Capoeira,
27:21 Why people attend his sessions and their reactions to the experience.
28:57 After achievement comes a realisation.
35:18 What happens in an Ido Portal seminar?
40:03 Besides learning movement technique what will students be learning about themselves.
42:14 Intelligent sensitivity to individual capability and pace of progression.
46:15 The Ido Portal movement philosophy is so much more than the attention grabbing handstands.
48:46 Dogmas, methods and goals.
52:44 Specialist teachers focus on a fitness goal rather than taking a movement layered approach.
58:03 How his movement message is spreading.
59:40 CrossFit a very positive phenomenon but centres on capacity rather than movement.
1:03:27 CrossFit with quantifiable patterns it doesn’t work with improving movement intelligence.
1:05:30 The best of the best MMA fighters are very good at finding this non-defined reality.
1:08:01 Movement as used by MMA fighters.
1:13:27 Dealing with the certainty of trauma, ‘everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face’.
1:16:43 When he is not moving, what does Ido eat?
1:22:41 How is Ido coping with aging?
1:25:10 Anyone who is successful has made sacrifices in their life,
1:28:31 How Ido is controlling the spread and keeping validity of his movement philosophy.
1:31:37 Why Ido has not so far written a book.
1:32:50 With no book and videos of one arm handstands, how can one start to do learn what to do?
1:38:26 Standing tables, treadmill desks, walking, even water can be overdone.
1:39:04 I still want to be the guy on the beach every day, moving and researching my body.
1:41:21 Is Ido a reluctant messiah?
1:45:18 Phone call to the 20 year old Ido Portal.
1:46:31 Best advice ever received.
1:46:24 What advice would you give to any twenty year old who wants to be like you in movement.
1:48:47 Brian’s summing up.

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wow, thank you very much


Please fix your video player. I love the content but this player is killing me I have to refresh and find my spot every 10 min

think its ur browser pal, try updating your flash player or try a different browser…ciao


sooo can i just start my little human movement at a small scale please? Where do i go hon?



Mike Lopez Show

guys brilliant

Joshua Ntiedo More

absolutely phenomenal

Frank Gojcaj

The foundation of his thoughts are pure Bruce Lee.
Very interesting man.

jason hughston

Great interview – provided great insight into Ido’s philosophy – inspirational!

Teddy Mutombo

Ido you change my life

Seán Millar

He’s such an awesome thinker, I can’t help but be engaged.

Drago Žganec

And mover! 😀

Jake Grossman

Ido is awesome. I’ll be listening to both of your interviews with him tomorrow on my 5 hour flight


I hope you´ve enjoyed your flight 🙂 😀

Dominic Jones

Interesting 🙂