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Ido Portal – Q&A Live in London – Just Move World Premiere

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Very true about open eye meditation as have also practiced for years with standing chi gong and sitting,and is great to integrate your meditation and state of mind with your waking open eyed state,and can then be integrated with movement and even whilst under pressure through sparring and taichi types trading until that same state of mind is there. Throughout your day and through all diffren situations without loosing presence and balance!!!!thanks Brian and all involved.steve


Great stuff.


Ido is such a wise and warm and eminently sensible ‘liver of life’ whose responsiveness to reality and its possibilities regrounds me delightfully. Thank you for this interview that rounds out what we learned in the Just Move documentary and carries us forward.


Congratulations on this beautiful movie! Inspiring! Thanks. Namaste


Movie was good . However i felt a bit dissapinted at the end. Did not bring anything new about Ido that i have already known .., thought it would have been more about his piece of work in his country , community…, maybe asked him different questions ..? did not feel the energy from it …but enjoyed watching it ! thank you

Gino Luurssen

Incredibly insightful eventhough most points are just things we’ve forgotten. Thanks for the amount of work that was put into this project. It’s undoubtedly worth it. Now I wonder… what’s Brian’s fear?

Kevin Poseidon Corso

What you’ve done here, documenting even just a portion of his work is incredible. I learn so much from hearing him talk and watching him work, which is important to me because I have some unusual inner workings to my body and where conventional approaches or modern medicine has failed me, my personal exploration in movement has built me up. I may never get the chance to train at length with Ido so all of this work is so, SO important to me. Thank you for making this.

Jez Brunatny

Near death experiences are always eye opening i dont know why the best interview ever.Peace

Sebastianus Seno

dang, Ido Portal is one hell of a motherfuckingly smart human being, very very insightful, phylosophically especially, his insight on life and the details on things that sometimes we take for granted is just amazing. thanks Brian and the London Real team to make this knowledges available.

Sascha Fast

If meaning is one of your concerns your should bring Jordan Peterson in.

Carlos Gonzalez

Wow, this was incredibly insightful–grounded thoughts indeed. The “crying challenge” part was one of the best parts the video for me, like describing a divine educational experience that sounds so bizarre, yet the moment the experience is reported it just makes sense…


Another awesome film! Loved the ending! Thanks Brian!


Perfect ending! Got a big smile out of me.


amazing. inspiring. such grounded thoughts. Wish the culture penetrates India!



Hugo Anzola

awesome stuffs, lets all go quit our gyms now and move at our local parks!!

Florian Weissbarth

Love it. Thanks Brian!

Andreas Cariolou

Great content, thanks!

Major points I got from all this: It’s about “moving” in general (no specific goals, application, direction).. it’s not about health either (that’s bad orientation)… oh and we are all dying every day. I can clearly see big downsides in blindly attaching to these ideas and philosophy. The vibrations of “meaningless” and “pessimistic” are all over this. Philosophically, one can stand by these ideas and have very strong points, as one can also stand on the opposite side and have equally strong points (i.e. you live all days of your life, you spend dying only in a moment). Ido is… Read more »

May someone share Ido’s contact information , email , etc ?