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As the Founder & host of London Real, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and interviewing over 300 of the most fascinating people in the world.

In the past four years I’ve spoken to Astronauts, Members of Parliament, Hollywood actors, and CEO’s of Billion Dollar companies.

But every now and then I meet someone who changes my life forever.

Ido Portal is one of those people.

I first met Ido in 2014 and encountered a man with a message, a man who was intent on communicating his views of movement to the world, and to do so without selling out.

Ido is passionate, audacious, and relentless. Needless to say…I liked him immediately.

In 2015 Ido returned to London Real on our brand new set for another epic conversation but something was just not right. Here I was speaking to a man who’s entire life is dedicated to Human Movement…and we were talking while sitting down.

And so I decided we needed to have London Real’s very first Moving Conversation. Two men walking the streets of London in an unedited, Unscripted, and uncut conversation…anything goes…anything can happen.

A few weeks after this Moving Conversation Ido would go on to famously join UFC Champion Conor McGregor for his entire week of pre-fight training filled with broomsticks and animal walks. The whole world asking “Who was this Movement guy?” This would culminate with Ido being ringside in Las Vegas to watch Conor knock out José Aldo in 13 seconds and become the undisputed world champion.

This is our conversation….recorded on the streets of London, England on November 18, 2015.

[0:05:11] Introduction. Achilles half man half God. Ido Portal 100% God. Paradigm shift.

[0:05:55] Climbing trees. Olympic rings. Walking on the ground like a lizard. Balancing on parallel bars.

[0:08:09] Movement possibilities. Idea of play. Idea of communicating with objects, with the floor, with gravity, with centrifugal forces.

[0:08:43] It’s all play.

[0:09:22] Are you trying to make a point in that? Or was it out of necessity? Opposite of necessity.

[0:09:39] Not supporting commercial products and big believer in education.

[0:09:45] High tech shoes. Low tech feet. The more expensive is the toys the cheaper is the mover.

[0:09:55] Highly supportive footware, your foot is going to lose function.

[0:10:40] Don’t wrap up your joint with supportive accessories. Wrap your joints with exercise.

[0:10:50] Building the body’s’ protective self.

[0:11:00] Push ups with fingers. Push ups with the back of the hand.

[0:11:27] What’s going on there is that people lose touch with the floor.

[0:12:00] Losing function. We are opportunistic movers. The hands are meant to communicate with objects.

[0:12:40] Capoeira introduced me to the importance. And the beauty of being closed to the ground.

[0:13:40] Using boundaries, rules and limitations to create freedom.

[0:13:53] The only way to expand freedom is by limitation.

[0:13:55] Moving with the stick to move the spine.

[0:14:47] Lock your spine. Your spine must remain straight.

[0:15:06] Working on your knees. Don’t over react.

[0:16:14] Doing sets of 3 minutes of squats.

[0:16:34] Learning how to move my neck. BJJ concept.

[0:17:42] Open a door and force a person through the door.

[0:18:05] The locomotion. Animal bipedal movements.

[0:18:48] Because we can. Because we live in this body.

[0:19:48] Once we start losing something, everyone realises it and its “ohh! I want that back.”

[0:20:00] We need appreciation for this great sun, for this body, for this neck that can glide. so we can maintain it, so we can sustain it. The best reason to move is because we can.

[0:21:30] Ideas and evolution. Teaching.

[0:22:11] The beginner teacher is occupied with presenting the vastness of his knowledge.

[0:22:23] Submitting the student to your knowledge.

[0:22:49] Being accurate with the right type of information.

[0:23:00] I don’t do core work. Why don’t you do core work?

[0:23:40] I don’t do any isolated work.

[0:23:55] There are many trends. One of them is the core.

[0:24:47] I’ve scripted some horses for our conversations. Do you ever get any inspirations from animals.

[0:25:00] Beautiful counter lateral pattern.

[0:25:25] Just standing next to it and you can feel what kind of engine and raw power is here.

[0:25:45] Moving all around the world. Being a nomad. Promoting outdoors.

[0:26:21] Dropping the broom stick games.

[0:27:10] The history of Ido and the stick. Training with Gunnar. Exploring the options.

[0:29:00] The stick will bend but you will bend a lot more than the stick.

[0:29:37] The first 8 minute of Ronda Rousey’s warm up is her and a broom stick.

[0:31:48] If I tell you to walk like a lizard you will laugh at me. If Ido tells you to do it, you will do it.

[0:32:00] Knowing that it is utilitarian, that’s why I go try it out.

[0:32:49] All movements are good.

[0:33:00] Realising when the movement will serve me.

[0:33:21] Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3 in the movement experience.

[0:34:23] Zone 1 is where most of the possibilities happen. Steven Jepson on never leave the playground.

[0:35:05] It doesn’t even matter if you made it or not. How many new movement did you learn yesterday?

[0:35:55] A contemporary dancer in an audition setting might learn up to 400 new moves. Neurological training.

[0:36:31] We should reward quality education.

[0:37:10] The brain is the result of complexity of human movement.

[0:37:40] Your character is in constant movement just as your brain. Movement was the original reason behind the development of the brain.

[0:38:48] Zone 1 learning is often neglected and I want to open people’s eyes to it more.

[0:39:00] Kinetic koens. Playing with riddles. Movement riddles.

[0:40:15] It became popularised through my work with the movement experience.

[0:41:05] I can get stuck in my own body. I cannot think of something else because I am movement.

[0:42:50] Children and animals are huge sources of inspiration for me.

[0:43:20] Getting angry at parents who tell their kids how to move. How dare you invade a pefect system. A perfectly intuitive system.

[0:44:43] There is always trade offs. You are constantly making choices even when you are not making choices.

[0:46:06] The shirt pull. We cannot move something in isolation in the body. You cannot isolate muscles. The best you can do is to target certain parts.

[0:47:40] The denial of death. We can’t deal with the idea that we die.

[0:48:52] Relationship with pain. Pain is inevitable.

[0:51:01] What is pain.

[0:52:20] You have to undergo some small pains to overcome some big pains.

[0:52:45] People are not made of sugar.

[0:53:10] Relying on common sense which is not so common anymore.

[0:54:45] Those who can hold 2 contradictory ideas at the same time, a sign of intelligence by Albert Einstein will really benefit from it.

[0:54:55] Let’s play a competition. You have to catch the buckle right on the other side.

[0:56:20] This is definitely a gymnastics tool, but I treat it as a good toy.

[0:57:90] I broke two sets of buckle.

[0:58:45] I’ve been a major voice in bringing back hanging.

[1:01:30] Hanging is a movement pattern that is lost. Motor amnesia.

[1:02:32] Why the rings? It will move towards your weakest pattern.

[1:03:03] Allowing a movement known as a closed kinetic chain.

[1:05:15] The price is right.

[1:06:25] This is the muscle I have from doing rings. That’s when I realise you are truly alien.

[1:07:33] These auxiliary muscles will protect me.

[1:08:10] Can you talk to me about the corsets are all about and why you use that name?

[1:07:55] Protecting the tendons.

[1:09:40] What do you see in my ring muscle up.

[1:10:10] We need to get you to be aggressively patient.

[1:11:11] Passing to check points.

[1:13:15] Liquid chalks. Does it smell like something you would swallow?

[1:14:00] False grip.

[1:16:28] Chin up.

[1:17:01] Restricted movement. If you haven’t been thrown out of a gym, you haven’t really moved yet.

[1:17:55] Why can’t we climb the trees. Why is that not allowed.

[1:18:33] Bombay beach in Australia. Russia. Slacklines in Berlin.

[1:19:00] Training with Conor McGregor and Gunnar Nelson.

[1:18:55] Too much fun.

[1:20:27] Softening exercises.

[1:20:45] Missing from modern martial arts.

[1:21:47] I have collected over the last decade a very unique set of physical exercises, drills, and games

[1:22:17] Were you surprised impressed?

[1:22:50] With a stick they have to recalibrate and stay fresh, repattern, reinvent themselves to prepare themselves for the unpredictable nature of the fighting business.

[1:23:10] You said that you liked loud mouth.

[1:23:38] Conor McGregor is a martial artist.

[1:23:59] A showman layer.

[1:24:10] Stirs things up, sells the tickets. And the layer of the fighter that he is.

[1:24:45] He’s got a big fight coming up next against José Aldo. Are you going to watch that fight?

[1:25:27] I hope to be there ringside and help Conor in fight week.

[1:27:00] Conor robs you out of your tool box.

[1:27:10] Aggressive counter puncher. A form of consistent pressure without doing anything.

[1:27:30] More than anything, I enjoyed the spark in his eyes.

[1:30:00] Bare knuckle fight with Conor.

[1:30:10] Ronda Rousey’s loss against Holly Holm.

[1:31:44] It is difficult to juggle all these tasks.

[1:33:40] Nassim Taleb’s point of view on chaos. Respecting chaos.

[1:34:20] As the rapper Ice T says – It’s not about the come up. It’s about the come back.

[1:34:50] Michael “Venom” Page

[1:35:45] A true martial artist. Spending a week with Michael “Venom” Page at shoot fighters gym.

[1:37:17] He makes people look so bad it’s confusing and misleading.

[1:37:40] His work ethic. Going into the Octagon and he’s having fun.

[1:38:50] Investing in people.

[1:39:20] I care about the movement and the playmates.

[1:40:05] I don’t want to be lead by the money.

[1:40:25] The fine line between a monk in the mountain and the guy that is selling movement water.

[1:40:38] The guy that has gone too commercial and the guy who’s message never gets out.

[1:40:52] Where does that go with you in the future.

[1:40:55] You need to become accessible. Expose your practice, don’t practice for exposure.

[1:41:50] I am still the same person who practice in the small gym.

[1:43:22] You live a proper nomadic lifestyle.

[1:44:00] Keeping me fresh and keeping me spread my message.

[1:44:30] I have lived many different lives in my life.

[1:45:15] Do you think this is the ultimate life. I’m so grateful to stop and meditate.

[1:46:13] It’s a good day to die.

[1:46:16] What does that mean a good day to die. If everything ends now it’s okay.

[1:47:40] I feel like if there is any wealth in this world this is the moment.

[1:48:46] It’s a good day to die.

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Thanks for the Ido Portal series Brian. These conversations definitely sparked a new appreciation in me for movement and for being human. I will cherish these insights for years to come.


Watching this resonated with me so much. I am 44. It took me back to my school days playing last man standing (dodgeball) and whilst I was overweight, I would throw myself all around the floor, so not to get hit with the basket balls. Now it has come round full circle. I am one of those “weak vegans!!!” 🙂 I now move 6-7 times a week, doing Insanity HIIT workouts, GMB Floor 1 workouts, 5-a-side football and mountain biking. Still on my journey…..


Please translate un french 🙁

Rod James

Amazing Conversation Brian. Thank You so much for sharing this. what a life changing man Ido is!

Jez Brunatny

Pain is strange. Why skateboarder comes back to a skatepark after he broke his leg arm and nose answear PASSION

Jez Brunatny

Very nice interview again. Mind blowing stuff:).Less we do in our life much easier will be controled hehe.People dont want to wake up fuck.Sorry for my english gramma.


Why does it say:
Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.

(BTW I’m signed in from India, if that matters)


eu não copreendo ingles bem aidna e não entendo o que dizem ,estou triste por não poder desfrutar deste conteúdo que você nos proporciona

George Wankel Koltchev
George Wankel Koltchev

This might be a stupid question But are the videos no longer downloadable?

Alexander Pollock
Alexander Pollock

What the music starting at 45sec please ?


the end song got me


Meditate on your death

It is an ancient and powerful practice, it came before religion.

Wake up every day and fight, have purpose.

Remember that the good and bad are inseparable.

Appreciate your life, for all the good in it.

Appreciate your inevitable death; welcome eternal rest.

Because life is just as much a burden as it is a privilege.


great stuff


Awesome guy !
Extremely Philosophical and Universally connected 🙂

I’ve been training with guys who have had the honour of learning from Ido, hearing Ido talk only further inspires me to learn from these amazing people!



Damoor Sahami
Damoor Sahami

Class act.


Such an epic talk!


Thank you.Ido Portal,I believe you have just changed my life.I am Truly inspired by your outlook on life and respect for everything in life.
But most of all you Logic on how the body works and how we should develop our entire bodies with movement
I will Move….


the player on this site is so horrible please do something