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Let me know in the comments what your next social occasion is and what your plan for it is.

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Michael Weaver
Michael Weaver

I was invited to an “Executive Date Night Dinner” on August 26th that is at the personal home of a CIO of a large defense contractor, and dinner is being prepared by a local chef. There will be 15 other couples at this event, all CIO or Technology VPs. Thanks for the tips in this video and I am going to read the book before I attend next week. My goal is simply to network and get to know some of the most senior IT executives in Phoenix. I was honored just to be considered for the guest list, but… Read more »

Stefan Loå
Stefan Loå

I just booked 5 or 6 social events that match our start-up project (we need to create a dream-team for it) and tomorrow is the first event – at the Royal Viking hotel in Stockholm. I don’t know that persons will show up, but I will do my best to create at least 5 brief chats and 2 of them must end with an interesting exchange of mutual interest, links, or similar.

Thanks for the inspiration, Brian, you people have created tons of value!


Thanks Brian, makes a lot of sense. Though I don’t see myself in a social situation in the next two weeks, was thinking of extending “Working the room” to “Working the linkedIn”. For my upcoming venture in Hungary, I need to connect with as many restaurant POS Vendors as possible. So my agenda will be to get intros to the people who matter in the POS space, in Hungary. Will keep you posted on how it went ;-).

Jure Šutar

My next important occasion will be next week. On Tuesday, I’ll be guest on a radio show where they will make one hour interview with me and my brother. They want to hear our story and how we ended up living in South Korea. My plan is to inspire people and promote my new business. I’ll also try to get as many connections as possible (Get to know guests of the show)


How did it go, Jure? 🙂

My next social occasion is going to be at the LRA meet-up, so hopefully I’ll be meeting the folks reading this post! I’m planning to find out who else is getting involved and why; do we have similar aims and interests, or is there going to be a real mix of different kinds of listeners? The main aim: to meet people who’re going to push me to improve in all aspects of life. Oh, and to shake Brian’s hand and thank him for all the work he’s put into creating this 😉