Hill Sprints Challenge

Hill sprints are the equaliser! Every week I put myself through a gruelling 20+ minute hill sprint workout that pushes my to the very limit. Here’s a video explaining the challenge and showing you the hill I use:

If you don’t have easy access to a suitable hill then you can easily simulate this challenge on a treadmill with the following settings:

90 Seconds at 5 MPH & 6% Incline
45 Seconds at 4 MPH & 0% Incline

If you’re just starting out then you might only be able to do 2-3 rounds, and if you’re a beast you might be able to go for MORE than 10! The focus is to do it EVERY week (no excuses), push yourself as hard as you can, and track your progress. Let me know how you’re getting on in the comments below – bonus points for selfies at the top of those hills!

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Fan Costi
Fan Costi

Just started doing the Hill Sprints Challenge (with Training Mask 2.0 set to 6,000ft for additional difficulty) and started off with 10 sprints on a about 30 degree hill. Didn’t take my phone with me to record the time and video the before and after but planning to do these every other day so will take with me on Tuesday 🙂

Juan Cartagena
Juan Cartagena

Week 2 of Hills Sprints challenge. I beat my week 1 time including 2 more additional sprints! These really make your legs burn. Now on to the 5K challenge!

Before – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTgzVsKjcKw
After – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOUvvbBEv8M

Kevin McNamara

Wow that is a great workout and certainly gets the cobwebs out!
Beautiful morning here too in Trinity Beach…

My average was 28.82 secs and will look to improve on that next Tuesday morning.
Lots of burning and I can feel the good it is doing me.

Here’s a video of the last sprint…loving the support on LRA…thanks Brian 🙂

Alan Macaulay
Alan Macaulay

Nice one Juan,
I’m new here and watched Brian’s Sprint Challenge the other day and thought it’s about time I should incorporate them into my routine.
I did 10.. and boy were my legs burning!!
Vulnerability Right!!! I haven’t ever posted a video of myself speaking, so here goes. Its right out of my comfort zone!!
Happy Monday everybody!!
Before – https://youtu.be/P_sOO7OBT3Q
After – https://youtu.be/Hj06iu8LigQ

Juan Cartagena
Juan Cartagena

So this was one of the first things to catch my eye when I joined. So I gave it a shot. And I must say, getting through it was quite an accomplishment and I was ready to tackle the day. Next week I hope to either increase the amount of times up and down or keep it the same and beat my time.

Before – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPiTWRiKVDg
After – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIl2ODG-k8w

Jarrett Thomas



Brian! You listen to System of a Down and the same tracks as me!!! Love you even more now.

Gonna crank a 10 hill sprints this Sat listening to SOAD this Sat \m/

Kevin Sturm

there is even some science behind those hill sprints: https://paleopersonaltrainer.wordpress.com/2013/01/05/what-you-need-to-know-about-growth-hormone-response-to-training/

Takeaway: 8 sprints max intensity a 30 secs –> up to 530% more growth hormone release!


Got my sprints done and dusted!

30s up, 30s down x 10. Ave. heart-rate = 142bpm, peak = 169bpm. My theoretical max is 188bpm so I’m happy with that – I think a horse getting in the way helped raise it a little.

Videos as promised. Gonna get these done once a week. Hell yes!

Before – https://youtu.be/pqp8dRu1Sms
After – https://youtu.be/vwTLmIFuXHs


What’s up Brian. Wind is kinda bad in the video. Maybe try holding some headphones close to you with a mic. Just a thought.

Jon Waterlow

This is a great challenge and I’m going to hit it every week from hereon in. I tried it for the first time yesterday on the treadmill, but it didn’t feel like enough of a challenge (I increased the speeds because the ‘downhill’ part was too much of a walk rather than a jog as intended, at least on the treadmills in my gym; I also upped the uphill speed). So, before next weekend I’m going to find me a hill!


I adapted to what was available to me: my neighborhood has a road with a nice sized hill about 2/10th of a mile from my front steps. Jogged there, jogged down (about a 1/4 mile, and 125ft of elevation drop), sprinted up with a jog session midway, then jogged down again, and repeated, then walked/jogged home. Total time about 15 minutes, with my legs and chest burning!! Baseline is set, next week need to beat my time!

Fred Vessey

I do something similar on a treadmill in the gym but there’s nothing quite like doing sprints outdoors in a park surrounded by nature.
You bet your arse you will be calling for a paramedic – these are hardcore! I’m gonna knock out 10 in Richmond Park this week and see if I can post a before and after video.

Brenda – I use the GymBoss app. You set a countdown period, then ‘active’ and ‘rest’ timers and the amount of rounds which can then be saved as a preset.

Good luck with the sprints, all!


I think I did these wrong. But I did it anyway. I just picked a steep hill and sprinted up and jogged down. I kept track on my phone. If you guys have a good app you can recommend that would be helpful. I used the app called stopwatch, but it wouldn’t save my data, so I took screen shots of every completed sprint.

LRA Fit Challenge Week One- 10 Sprint times: 1) 14.87 2) 14.39 3) 14.20 4) 14.04 5) 14.20 6)14.57,7) 14.45 8) 14.88 9)14.92 10) 14.12


Managed 7 primrose hill sprints this morning. Aimed for 5 did couple more than expected. will be gunning for 10 next time. https://youtu.be/FlNQEptq1JI


This is brutal! Managed 6 rounds in the gym today, but then couldn’t keep the pace for the full 90 seconds at full incline for the rest…next time I’ll get 7 done at least!