Greg Rutherford – Strictly Gold

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Greg Rutherford, MBE is a British track and field athlete who specialises in long jump. He won Gold and Bronze at the London and Rio Olympic Games respectively.

00:00 Trailer.
01:55 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:27 Brian’s Introduction.
06:03 Being famous.
08:08 What Greg learnt as a competitive sports person from being on Strictly Come Dancing.
19:13 Learning to manage positive and adverse social media.
20:59 Winning Gold at London 2012 Olympics.
24:53 What motivates Greg to win.
26:54 The killer edge, inherent belligerent belief.
33:51 From the red carpet to everything falling apart in 2013.
36:59 Mental strategy for possibility of career ending injury.
38:40 Building foundation for future career path.
40:54 Coping with bitter disappointment at Rio Olympics 2016.
46:42 How Greg gets his body to perform despite injury.
49:36 Taking responsibility for being a role model.
51:33 Performance level and entertainment value of Usain Bolt and Conor McGregor.
1:00:01 Re-igniting public interest in track and field events.
1:02:01 Taking inspiration from Mo Farah.
1:03:56 Carl Lewis’ negative attitude effect on sport.
1:07:31 Performance enhancing drugs use.
1:16:24 Jamaica’s success in athletics.
1:19:31 Drug taking in football and sports where vast sums of money are involved.
1:21:52 How growing up with Jehovah’s Witnesses parents shaped him.
1:26:52 Greg’s book ‘Unexpected’ shows about going off the rails.
1:30:56 Greg’s past body issues.
1:33:01 Without Dan Pfaff Greg wouldn’t be an Olympic Champion.
1:39:37 How Greg turned his life around.
1:43:50 Greg’s forays into skeleton bob and NFL.
1:49:01 Launch of Take Flight, online fitness programme, hopefully to revolutionise the fitness world.
1:58:25 Success secrets.
1:58:55 Wild parties after Olympics.
2:01:34 Why Greg spoke out about Tyson Fury’s remarks.
2:05:05 Phone call to the 20 year old Greg Rutherford.
2:07:27 Best advice ever received.
2:09:07 Advice to the young person listening who wants to succeed in sport.
2:10:29 Brian’s summing up.

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Dominic Jones

Interesting bloke. Thank you for the interview 🙂

sam annagui

great episode so far particularly for athletes, just found this funny @ 1h 09m “if you were in the banking sector and robbing people left right and center you’d get band and go to prison” or probably not ha


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