Graham Hancock – Magicians Of The Gods

Graham Hancock is a British writer and journalist who specialises in theories involving ancient civilisations, stone monuments or megaliths, altered states of consciousness, ancient myths and astronomical/astrological data from the past.

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00:00 Trailer.
02:45 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
06:29 Brian’s Introduction.
08:00 ‘Fingerprints of the Gods’ controversially proposes we are a species with amnesia.
09:00 How a trip to Ethiopia led to Atlantis and its mystery.
14:48 The past as an ideological subject, controlled to keep society producing and consuming.
17:06 Academia and their media friend’s reaction to his radical interpretation of the past.
20:24 Ted removes Graham’s and Rupert Sheldrake’s 2013 Tedx talks.
24:18 What is a step too far for Tedx.
25:00 Graham awaits the day when Richard Dawkins has his first DMT trip.
27:14 Psychedelic experiences for research into the origin of cave art, shook him to his core.
33:19 Is there progress towards acceptance of psychedelics?
38:04 Britain is going backwards whilst America goes forward.
40:08 Does it have an effect on society in States where Cannabis is now legal?
42:20 The reason for the rise in support for Donald Trump.
44:28 Graham’s relationship with Cannabis.
48:49 Graham and Brian talk about Joe Rogan and his show.
52:10 Ayahuasca and San Pedro experiences and Governmental control.
1:01:28 When using psychedelics it is very important to be clear to make the intention for good.
1:04:18 When writing novels, he feels just like a kid playing computer games, totally in it and loving it.
1:06:43 Why Graham felt the need to take a break from writing non-fiction.
1:08:32 A book Graham would like to write with his wife, a photographer.
1:10:03 North America may hold the key to finally finding out what happened to our ancestors.
1:12:43 The reason Graham decided he had to write ‘Magicians of the Gods’
1:22:06 How Graham embraces his ego, its useful and negative sides.
1:23:39 What precious thing should be embraced, celebrated, loved and enjoyed.
1:24:15 How he is trying to work on one of his faults.
1:25:31 Success secrets.
1:25:59 Who he considers successful.
1:26:16 Advice to the younger generation.
1:27:17 Brian’s summing up.

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Graham Hancock is a legend, the world really needs people like him.


Greate interview ! I liked the part when Mr.Hancock seys::”We shoul stop be so fucking arrogant and proud of our achievements…….” Definitely something to think about folks !


Please have Graham discuss the Bosnian pyramids which predate Gobekli Tepe by 20,000 years


Hi you can watch his podcasts with Joe Rogan maybe they mention it in there. He has around 4 of them so far.


What a great ideas this man has. It realy sounds what he says, has very logical background. Thank you Brian for sharing this interview for free. It means to me a lot. I really appreciate your work, you are such a great man. It maybe sound like flatter, but god damn I mean it! Thank you!


A total pleasure!!! Thank you LR!


English is not my native language so I don’t get all. Would anyone explain who is he admire. I only undertand the name Denis? Thanks


Nobody mentions his full name but I think he is talking about Dennis McKenna. That is an old friend of Mr. Hancock.

So mentally refreshing. Thank You.


I was thoroughly enjoying this interview when up came the ad. How to destroy a perfectly good program or episode of London Real.
Forget about all the sense that is being talked here and fall back into the world of control and consumerism.
Killed the show or what!

Michail Zorné

As usually Graham is quite a piece of treasure, knowledge, experience and visdom itself. A beautiful man with a brilliant mind. Thanks

Frank Gojcaj

love his voice…

Vitoria Arroz

Thank you for putting this videos available for free. It’s really important to listen to his an many more amazing people’s advices specially when you’re trying to get better results in your life, better behaviors towards the world and just realizing that we are a community, not just humanity, there is energy comming from our fellow human parteners but also from plants, animals, and bigger things.
Thank you Mr. Graham Hancock for never giving up on personal development and universal love! The truth in every aspects of life is the best choice.

Van Cho

Well, Mr. Hancock almost literary asked for it from Joe Rogan in that historical podcast. He put out the topic several times with a naughty note in his voice. Anyway, I was honored to witness that.

Steven Barison

At first (like many others, I gather) I was bummed to see the “social media” gateway. I never want a Facebook acct. and I don’t do Twitter, either. But, as I happen to have a LinkedIn account, I get to see the whole thing! Thanks.

Daniel Rudics

Mindblowing episode! Thanks for having Graham in the show (again) 🙂

Rik Dee

Thank you very much for such a tremendously informative show. I will purchase in advance Graham’s new book and I urge LR to get him back once he’s finished it to discuss his next work in greater detail. Hancock is priceless.

Adam Mould

Not too happy i was forced to make a social media account to watch this video. FREE should mean FREE

But as things in this time go, thankyou for making this video.

Antonio Sollazzo

This has’nt been only an interesting interview. It was a lifechanging, decisive experience…a deep digging inside Graham’s and our soul in the same time. Graham is a wise, very learned and open minded man and I’ve been reading his books since the very biginning. He’s a real great teacher…perhaps one of the most important teacher of our time.

Adam Mould

Brilliantly said sir. Totally agree.

Eamon Lawlor

A wonderful interview! Graham is a truly inspirational man in his willingness to fight against the rhetoric of the ‘establishment’. Actually, he may even render the word ‘established’ to the scrapheap of pointless words – as he shows there can be no permanence in our assumptions and believes, but a constant flux, which meanders around our questioning and attack of the dominant views. Thank you Graham, and of course London Real.

Adam Mould

Very interesting point Eamon. Very interesting

Gavin Readman

What an amazing perspective the spiritual and the pactical a trully real person and the tuth of leadersip of self is the only way we will survive as ourselves and our race

Adam Mould

Spot on!

Bud Carper

Graham Hancock, the warrior of sovereignty, wields his mind like a sword, and looses his words like arrows.